Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Tips for Preppers - Heating and Cooling

Preppin’ Tip: Heating - Make your own expedient fireplace logs

Newspaper logs make a good and inexpensive source of fuel. You may prepare the logs in the following manner:

1.) Use about eight pages of newspaper to start and open the pages flat.

2.) Spread the stack of newspaper sheets, alternating the cut sides and folded sides.

3.) Place a piece of wooden dowel pin (old broom sticks or mop sticks work good) or you can use a piece of metal rod across one end and roll the paper around the rod very tightly.

4.) Roll it until there are 6-8 inches left to roll, and then slip another 8 pages underneath the roll. Continue this procedure until you have a roll 4-6 inches in diameter.

4.) With a fine wire, tie the roll on both ends. Withdraw the rod. Your fireplace log made from newspaper is ready for use. Four of these fireplace logs will burn approximately one hour.

Preppin’ Tip: Cooling - Field Expedient Refrigerator

1.)Take one large clay pot.

2.) Place a smaller clay pot inside the large clay pot.

3.) Fill the space in between the clay pots with sand.

4.) Several times a day, wet the sand between the pots.

5.) Place a wet cloth or rag over the top so as to cover it completely.

Natural evaporation will cool the inside ingredients. The useable life of many food items can be extended from a couple of hours to as much as a whole day depending upon the amount of sun and the outdoor temperature at the time.

As an added bonus, you will also have the materials necessary for an expedient water filter.

Staying above the water line!



SurvivalTopics.com said...

I am going to try the newspaper log rolling method - a good way to get rid of the daily paper.

Just one thing - the colored, glossy advertisements may not be good to burn as this might produce toxic substances.

riverwalker said...

To: survivaltopics

I wouldn't use any color inserts. Stay with plain newspaper.


Marie said...

These are very cool (no pun intended) ideas! We keep our newspapers in a box for recycling, so we should have plenty to try the log idea out. I also hadn't thought of the cooling idea--good to know. Thanks for sharing!

riverwalker said...

To: marie

We keep sand in the greenhouse for mixing up potting soil and clay pots as well. I just hope some of these tips help people think outside the box. Think mini-swamp cooler! Now watch somebody ask "What's a swamp cooler?"


Anonymous said...

Hi River

I posted recently about the "zeer" pots as an alternative to a fridge. Simplicty at its best, I love it!


scoutinlife said...

Great tips as always River......

Anonymous said...

I remember reading some internet account about a clay refrigerator that was supposed to be built in India, but I've never seen a picture of it.

Google the term 'zeer' - you may find more information on this clay pot cooler.

Another idea for water filter using clay pots - google the term 'rabbit filter' - a great DIY project I learned at Bison Survival (Jim Dakin's) blog.

This is a great post - thanks Riverwalker.


riverwalker said...

To: molly

Plain old evaporative cooling - nature uses it all the time!


To: scoutinlife



To: j.r.

Thanks for the tips j.r.! Not many original ideas left out there, but sometimes a reminder gets people to think about different ways of doing things.


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