Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Riverwalker's Gear - Magellan 16 x 10 Tent

I use a Magellan Congaree 16x10 tent for my temporary shelter needs in the case of a disaster or emergency that would require some place to stay other than my home. It sleeps a total of 8 people. Since I only need room for 6 people in my immediate family group, I have extra storage space for gear, etc. available or room for someone extra if we have friends camping out with us.

It has a 72 inch center height which makes it a lot easier to change your clothes and to come and go without having to crawl around all the time. The tent is easy to pitch and can be done in about ten minutes thanks to the color-coded poles. It’s got 600mm weatherproof fabric and has the self-repairing nylon zippers. Another great feature of this tent is the entrance floor mat which helps keep the dirt and moisture out. It’s also got additional storage pockets for gear, separate shoe storage pockets, and a hook loop for a tent light.

The tent also comes with a carrying case and tent stakes. It’s fairly compact and fits easily under the seat of my van or in the bed of my pick-up. It also covers our shelter needs on trips to the beach, fishing, or when we want to just camp out for the weekend.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

That looks like a good tent. Rounded shapes in the woods tend to grab the eye's attention less. I think tents are really great for women, who really have a privacy issue that many men (but not all) don't. "You want me to go to the restroom WHERE?" and so much for camping.

Read an old article in American Survival Guide on women having to sponge bath themselves might take to heart. Wear an ordinary poncho, where head is only exposed skin. Then, squatting down, undress beneath the poncho and clean your skin. Head is exposed to keep an eye out, and you feel much better - a total win-win.

j.r. guerra said...

From the comment above: If we had titty's that every man undressed us with their eyes we might have that privacy issue too. I guess for us men once we get over the stage-fright from gym class locker rooms from then on out it's pretty easy for us!

As for tents.. we had some nice pop-up tents when we fought fires up in Oregon. I'd like to get me one, wasn't very big though.. Other than that these tents now a days are not at all like the ones made in america. Best bet is to buy an american brand known for it's quality otherwise you will be tent shopping again..

riverwalker said...

To: j.r. guerra

I've slept under the stars more times without a tent or even a tarp than I can count but not everyone is willing to do that. Plus I don't ahve to really have a separate place to change clothes if necessary - any old bush will do just fine!


riverwalker said...

To: greenville road

I've got an older American made tent that still works pretty good but is a little smaller and not as compact as this newer one.


Aardvark said...

In your comments regarding the "nylon zippers" I have a Congaree II and the front door zipper has jumped track a few times because of the fabric getting caught up in the zipper... This time I fear it's time to trash the whole tent.. because of a engineering flaw... Otherwise I love the size and relative ease of set up... I only have myself to set it up... so that works fine for a one person set up... It also seems stable in a fairly strong wind... I just wish in their design... they would have structured it where the cloth wouldn't get caught in the zipper... ( It seemed I would have to use both hands to avoid that from happening... but there are times... ( stuff in one hand) trying to sip it up... it gets caught in the zipper... then if you try to back it up or go forward... it jumps off track.

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