Monday, September 1, 2008

Disaster Barter Items - Intangibles

In any disaster or emergency situation a number of items will be invaluable as barter items. Nothing will be more valuable than your knowledge. It is always with you. It will be there when you need it most, unlike other tangible items. It is what will get you through the rough spots until you can figure out your alternatives. It is knowledge that will help you overcome any emergency and eventually triumph over any adversity.

The knowledge of how to find water and make it safe to drink can be used to barter for other items you may need. The knowledge of how to forage for food, catch fish, or trap game that is edible can be traded for almost anything you or your family may require. The list of things you can accomplish is limited only by your knowledge and your skill at using that knowledge. Expanding your knowledge to include a variety of skills that can be useful in a crisis or an emergency will give you confidence, strength and the ability to handle any disaster or emergency situation. Your knowledge is your most valuable asset.

Increase your knowledge at every available opportunity. Use it to expand your skills. Learn to think outside the box and develop the skills to use what’s available and you won’t have to rely on what you can carry, which in my particular case isn’t a whole lot. Learning new things and new ways to accomplish them will allow you to prevail in almost any crisis.

Knowledge is power. It will give you the power to deal with any emergency and come out on top. Increase your knowledge in as many areas and skills as possible and you will never be caught without the creative and innovative skills that will enable you and your family to survive.

Staying above the water line!


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