Sunday, August 31, 2008

Price Gouging: Before, During, and After a Storm

If a disaster strikes an area and the rural or municipal water supply is suddenly no longer in service and most businesses (gas stations, grocery stores, etc.) are closed, you may become a victim before the storm even hits your area. Without a normal supply of water, food and fuel, there will be opportunists who will stop whatever they are doing, load up their vehicles with various items, including water, food, building materials, etc. and go straight to the affected area with profit being their only motivation. They will sell to the highest bidder because they will probably be the only source for needed items.

Don’t become a victim before the storm even hits! Be prepared ahead of time and you won’t have to worry about being overcharged for goods and services while waiting for local, state, or national relief agencies to show up and restore a sense of normal after a storm. The opportunists out there won’t have to deal with all the government “red tape” and will be at a disaster location a lot sooner than any relief efforts. It's important to remember that you can easily become a victim before, during and after a storm if you fail to prepare.

Check your state’s laws about price gouging during a storm here:


Staying above the water line!



Marine 83 said...

Have to say, I'm against price gouging laws. If I have an item or service that is needed after a disaster then the price should be "whaterver the market will bear". Don't get me wron, I have no intention to go try and make it rich off of disaster victems. But where does it say in the Constitution that the government can regulate morality? Privately owned goods and services from the sweat of my brow, are mine and mine alone. If I am wanting to much for them the shop elsewheare.

riverwalker said...

To: marine 83

I think a "reasonable" profit is due anyone with the skill and foresight to take advantage of an econonmic opportunity they can find it. It's when it gets "excessive" that I think is the real problem. Like you I think you deserve a profit for your goods and services, you just shouldn't try to make it all at once off of a very few people.


Anonymous said...

take a spelling class marine lol and then a constitution class

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