Thursday, February 26, 2009

Black Powder Guides and Accessories

RW Jr. is pretty busy right now fixing fence and has been pretty well tied up with driving a lot of T-posts. He asked that since a lot of people had shown an interest in his black powder pistol that I post some links to the available product guides and videos on using a black powder revolver.

RW Jr. stated that he basically uses products from Cabela’s website as they are generally good quality and that’s important when obtaining accessories and equipment for your black powder pistol.

RW Jr. is also going to try and put some additional information together for all of my readers as soon as possible. It probably won’t be until he gets through pounding a few more T-posts in the ground!

This is the product guide available at the Cabela’s website:

Black Powder Pistols

These product videos are available in both high and low resolution settings at the Cabela’s website:

Cleaning Your Black Powder Pistol

Loading Your Black Powder Pistol

You can find additional information on black powder accessories and equipment here:

Staying above the water line!



scoutinlife said...

Blackpowder is a lot of shooting these guns........ More of a rifle guy myself!

riverwalker said...

To: scoutinlife

Black powder is more RW Jr.'s thing. Myself, I prefer my Marlin 30/30 and my 12 gauge.

Still, allin all the black powder thing is popular with a lot of people out there. My son included.

Thanks scout!


Ken said...

...fantastic links,thanx brother,don't have any,but boy were they fun to shoot when i was young...

Ken said...

...'er'...meant to say

gott_cha said...

Greetings RW!

Good post!
Myself, Im more of a center fire cartridge person, but enjoy all aspects of Shooting.
I own and shoot several Cap and Ball Pistols from the mid 1800 period.
2 of my favorites are the 51 remington navy,...and the walker dragoon,...been looking at a Josey Wales in .44 lately....
Ive come to believe that these BP pistols could come in real handy in the coming days and years , what with the new ASSAULT WEAPONS BANS coming and possibly confiscation just around the corner.
I have friends that are gun snobs and poo poo at my BP collection but seem to enjoy firing them with me. Their reservation about them is over the Modern versus the archaic thing. While I will assure anybody my SW's will blow holes in them with asstonishing accuracy if I do my part, old .44 BP's will do the job as well. Just ask any old Texas Ranger about the notorious .44 Walker!
The Walker loaded with 50 grains of powder was the most powerful Handgun known until the development of the .357 magnum.

Never let anybody laugh at your BP pistols,.....many a dead Yankee soldiers would love to tell the tale!

RW,....the move is going a bit slower than anticipated,.....problems with the well.!

riverwalker said...

To: gott_cha

Sorry to hear about the well problems. You'll get it worked out.

RW Jr. says when they run out of bulletts he'll make his own!He likes the black powder but shoots the heck out of his Marlin Model 60 22lr. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: Ken

I gather from your comments you're not getting any older...oops! I meant youngER. LOL Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I posted this before, but since you mention blackpowder revolvers, they sell (or used to sell recently) a cylinder for non brass framed .31 calibered handguns that uses .32acp centerfire cartridges. Non FFL item, so you are literally getting an unregistered handgun delivered to your door to avoid FFL fees.

Dragon said...

Make mine a remington over a colt...Easier to swap cylinders ala Pale rider... the remington new army fits those of us with big hands better also...I own two of the remingtans and they are the only hand guns I still own...

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