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Uberti 1847 Walker .44 Blackpowder Revolver

This is RW Jr.’s revolver. He likes the fact that black powder guns can be shipped straight to the house. It has engraving on the cylinder depicting Sam Walker of the Texas Rangers battling Comanches at Enchanted Rock up near Fredericksburg. This is a really fine revolver.

This is a mean looking pistol and surprisingly enough doesn’t have very much “kick” to it due to its weight, according to RW Jr. I shot the pistol some myself and agree with his assessment on the “kick” factor. RW Jr. says that it’s fairly accurate to about a 100 yards. His eyesight is a lot better than mine though. I’d probably stick to targets in the 25 yard range. At least I’d be able to see what I’m shooting at without a scope. He says they were origanally considered saddle guns, as they were extremely heavy for a sidearm. He's got a great leather holster for it also.

Here is some more information from

“Texas Ranger Sam Walker was a firm believer in Colt's pistols, but in 1846 as a Captain in the United States Mounted Rifles he wanted a pistol powerful enough to bring down a horse. Working with Samuel Colt, a new pistol was designed that held a higher charge of black powder and chambered six .44-caliber balls. Walker ordered 1,000 of the new revolvers for his mounted troops, and rode off to the War with Mexico.

At a little more than 4-1/2 lbs. the 1847 Walker is still the biggest and was the world's most powerful revolver up until the .357 Magnum came into being in the 1930s.”



Caliber: .44
Barrel Length: 9 Inches
No. of Grooves: 7
Twist: Left
Total Length: 15.7 Inches
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Cylinder: 6 Shot, Engraved
Grip: One-piece Walnut
Finish: Frame - case hardened, Barrel - blued, Backstrap - blued, Trigger Guard - brass

This was kind of a spur of the moment post. RW Jr. had his revolver out over the holidays and I asked him to write something for Stealth Survival about it. He said he was going to try and come up with something for me later. He’s a big Texas history buff.

Get an update here: Black Powder Guides and Accessories

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

I know I'll catch a LOT of flak for this,but I've never been a fan of black powder,muzzleloader's,whatever type gun. Just too much work for me! I know,some state's have special season's for them,so if that is your case,fine. I even worked with a guy that claimed he could reload as fast as my Enfield! RIGHT! That being said,when or should SHTF, I doubt the game and fish dept will be a valid force anymore, so use anything,anytime. Till then,these will have a place. I just wouldn't put it high on my priority list for must have's at TEOTWAWKI.

gott_cha said...

Dang fine looking piece RW!

I just added another one to my collection of BPP's also.
A 1861 Colt 7 in. in .44 to go with the 58 Remington .44 I got for my birthday. Ive grown to love these old pistols as much as my modern arms!! I got started when a friend blessed me with a 51 Confederate Remington!

I see BP as a viable solution for TEOTWAWKI survival when all the cases of center fire are gone, and real BP can be homemade,....its tricky but can be done.

Also pick up a round ball mould for casting bullets and pay a visit to your local tire shop or gas station for wheel weights. Melt the lead and roll yer own!!

Good post bro!

Anonymous said...

Gott cha
Valid point..when I'm out of enfield and 30.06,22 and 12 gauge,then I will need something. Once again,I stand corrected!

gott_cha said...


Hey bro,...Wasnt trying to one up you friend,...there will come a day when I will miss my center-fire collection,.....namely my 1917 Australian Lithgow #1 MK3....fine damn shooting rifle it is,....silky smooth bolt,...the Kaiser can keep his Mausers!!

Anyway,......I see a time coming after the crash and fall that we will return to a more simple less technical way of life...whether we want it or not.

Many a game animal, and scores of the Kings finest soldiers were taken with a hunk of lead blasted with good old fashion black powder.

Oh,..and that guy who claims he can load faster than you can strip feed your Enfield,...well he might just be sniffin the old stuff too much...LOL!!
But truthfully speakin,...any good pistoleer worth his powder flask will carry a loaded spare cylinder in his possibles bag for fast reload,.....pull the wedge,...swap cylinders,..push the wedge back are ready to go.....not as fast as modern,....but can be done in 25 to 30 seconds.

RW,...ask the son if he loads cornmeal on top of the powder before seating the ball. Doing so decreases the ignition time, and the cornmeal acts as a "cleaner" for the powder residue........

Learned that trick from a Texian who was a Ranger re-enactor. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I once had the extreme honor of handling an original First Dragoon, similar to the Walker. To imagine that much history in my hand was a fine experience. Put lots of thoughts in my head about where the gun had been and what it had been through, or done.
The amount of original craftsmanship was amazing, considering the machine tools they had to manufacture them with in those days.
A serious survival tool in those days, and even today.

Anonymous said...

Gott cha,
Never said you were trying to one up me,just never thought about running out! My buddy was claiming that with a muzzle loading rifle! LOL! Anyway's,all valid point's.That's why we're here,to exchange idea's.Maybe I'll look into a kentucky rifle kit!

Anonymous said...

Thats kicking it 'olde school' - awesome. My cousin had a .44 Ruger Old Army years ago - I can still smell that funky blackpowder. The cool factor included having to wait for the smoke to dissipate after your shot. I never got into the blackpowder shooting, but I can understand why some do - just another cool way to hunt.

I saw an accessory for the .31 caliber blackpowder shooter. I think it was Midway (or maybe Brownells) who were selling .32acp cylinders for non brass framed blackpowder handguns. You could order without having to go through FFL, directly to your address. And shoot centerfire ammo through it, no problem.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous
While I'm not a huge fan of BP guns, I can see where they could come in handy for a worst case scenario. Thanks.

To: gott_cha
As usual, you're a step ahead of me, well my son anyway. I didn't know you were a BP fan and it never came up in any of our conversations. That's great! The boy is a Texas history buff and had to have a Walker Colt. Thanks.


To: J.A.H.

The First Dragoons were 5 shot models, right? The Walker was the first 6 shooter? That must have been some pistol. Thanks.


To: anonymous #3

"olde school" is a good thing!
Thanks for the headsup about the
.31 caliber BP. Thanks.


gott_cha said...

RW,...tell your son to stock up on Remington #10 and #11 caps. The quality of CCI's are going down hill fast.
I have found the CCI's to be troublesome trying to ignite. Sometimes they take 2 strikes to touch of the powder,...not so with the Rem's,..they fire first strike every time!
Also have had problems with the CCI caps fragmenting. Watch yer eyes!!
On my 1858 Remington model,..the caps will frag and work their way down into the Hammer/trigger works and lock the cylinder up.....pieces of brass even wind up back into the grip area of the frame.
Never had that result ever with the Rem caps.

Just thought i'd pass that along.

Mayberry said...

Man, that is purty....

riverwalker said...

To: gott_cha

Remington caps....good.
CCI caps ....not so good.

Thanks for the heads up on this!


riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

It's even more awesome when your holding one. Thanks.


BTW, good post on the "Crash Barometer"!

Anonymous said...

I had a Uberti Walker a year ago, even converted it to .45 LC with an R&D cylinder. I sold it, lost interest in BP but now I'm back into it, and just got myself a Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon.....plan to fire it tomorrow. Really nice gun, also got a few Pietta .36 navies, although IMO the Pietta's aren't made as well as the Ubertis.

riverwalker said...

To: Charcoal Blaster

The black powder is more RW Jr's thing than mine. The Uberti's are well made. Let us know the results after you get a chance to shoot your new dragoon revolver. Thanks.


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