Sunday, November 9, 2008

Simple Survival Gear - DIY De-humidifier for Ammo Storage

Humidity is one of the main factors that can affect your ammo storage. While there are many good de-humidifiers for your gun safes that work quite well, financial resources may be limited. You may also lack the funds for a large gun safe and are looking for a way to protect your ammunition from humidity that is being stored in ammo cans because of their portability. Here is a simple way to make a DIY dehumidifier for your ammo storage.

The Needed Items:

1.) Plastic container with tight-fitting lid that is appropriately sized for your storage area. Use a larger one for a gun safe and a smaller size for an ammo can, etc.

2.) A hammer, rock, or boot heel to pound with.

3.) An old piece of ladies hosiery. Do not use the wife’s good ones. Ask nicely and she will give you an old pair. They usually have a bunch of old ones. Do not go out and buy new hose as this is not a “macho guy” type thing.

4.) Knife, nail, or other sharp pointy object to poke holes. Your Ka-bar will work.

4.) Sidewalk chalk (any color works fine - just don’t use pink-colored unless you are female). Do not use your children’s sidewalk chalk as this could cause your children undue stress. It’s very cheap! Go buy your own!

The How-To-Make Procedure:

1.) Pound sidewalk chalk with hammer, rock, or boot heel.

2.) Place pulverized sidewalk chalk in piece of hosiery and secure any open ends with string or twine.

3.) Take appropriate size plastic container with lid and use sharp pointy object to poke numerous small holes in the container or lid, whichever is easier.

4.) Place hosiery bag with busted chalk in plastic container and place in ammo storage unit (gun safe, ammo can, coffee can, old cardboard box, etc.).

Check your DIY De-Humidifier for Ammo Storage on a fairly frequent basis, every few weeks should be sufficient, and simply remove the bag if it gets moist or starts to clump up from humidity and place in bright sunlight for a few hours to dry out and return it to its container when the chalk has dried out. It is now ready to be re-used. Recycling can be fun and easy!

Got chalk?

Staying above the water line!


Unknown said...

That's one way to do it, however I use this method.
1. container with plastic lid or mason jar and just the ring.
2. 1 coffee filter
3. silica gel from hobby store

Place gel in container and cover top with coffee filter. Place ring on mason jar or cut center out of plastic lid and put on container. The filter lets moisture in and keeps the gel from spilling out.

BTW, any hygroscopic material will work. Silica gel is effective, but I might use pickling lime in a pinch instead of chalk.

riverwalker said...

To: R.E.A.L.

You're right just about any hygoscopic material will work. Your method sonds great also.


gott_cha said...

Here is another one RiverWalker

Take 1 pair of clean gym socks, fill half way with fresh uncooked white rice.....tie off the ends,..pitch into the bottom of the gun safe/closet... Very cheap and you should already have the rice on hand.
This lasts about 8 months before it needs to be dumped out and sun dried to recharge.

I know this works,...Hahaha ask me how!

riverwalker said...

To: gott_cha


You get the mold on the rice instead of the box! Right?


John said...

A while back I posted a video about a grain storage pail that looks really nifty to me because it's resealable without the fuss of other pails. You can see the video at A friend suggested it would be useful for storing boxes of ammo.


Anonymous said...

You can buy powered chalk at the hardware store. it is used to chalk carpenters chalk lines

riverwalker said...

To: john wesley

Thanks for the link!


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

Good idea! There are probably a bunch of different resources out there. Thanks.


Rosalba J. Poore said...

A good idea is the one using a plastic box and silica gel.I use this method and it works.

Safe Dehumidifier said...

Here is a simple way to make a DIY dehumidifier for your ammo storage. ...

Josh said...

I think this is the best way to use dehumidifier for your ammo storage ! Good job!

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers said...

Great item! I use it in my closet. I too live in a condo, but and I renew mine in the bathroom with the fan on, No problems. I am going to get another one for under my sink and my front load washer, getting mold and odors on the rubber ring.

Btibrands said...

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Dehumidifier Gun Safe

Unknown said...

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James Austin said...

first step in protecting those around you from misuse of your guns. A good gun safe. ensures that a gun is not used mistakenly, or taken by anyone who should not be using one of your guns. But, have you given full thought to the safety of your guns inside the safe?

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