Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dillo Invasion and Practice Against The Invading Hordes

I’ve been invaded by ’dillos out in the country at the farm. They’re so thick you can’t go outside without trippin’ over one. Between the tires on my niece’s truck, the .22 lr singing a tune, blasting them with my shotgun and Dottie the wonder dog (my brother-in-law’s Dalmatian) we are making a serious dent in their numbers. Still, it’s really hard to keep up with your preps when you’re fighting the ‘dillos. I’m thinking this is probably going to be good practice for fighting the starving masses as our economy goes down the drain and the sheeple will be getting hungry when they run out of money and food.

Firefighters and Drought

My brother-in-law (he’s a long-time volunteer firefighter) and I were discussing the problem Tuesday night and the only thing we could come up with was the lack of rain in our part of the country. My BIL figures they’re probably just looking for water to drink. I told him he better keep his Lone Stars locked up tight. He said no problem! We’ve got one of those soda machines out at his place that dispenses beer as well as sodas. No place like Texas! We are seriously dry around here right now and the prospects for rain don’t look too good. There have been lots of rumors about water that falls from the sky but I haven’t seen it in so long I’m beginning to wonder if it’s one of those urban legends.

Cheap Security and Hair Stylists

My BIL’s place is next to mine and he keeps a sharp eye on the place when I’m not there. There’s nothing like having a little extra security around. All I need now is a scout. I plan on fixing him up with a .30/.30 rifle, if I can get a swap worked out with the guy I’ve been fixing fence for on the side. His wife is also the hair stylist for the group and was doing her thing Monday night. My wife was getting her hair done for the big party on Saturday. I really don’t understand the fascination women have with getting their hair done but I try to be understanding.

Party Time on the River

Another one of my nieces is getting married and we got a big celebration planned for Friday and Saturday. My wife’s sister will be coming in from Atlanta for the get-together and I look forward to visiting with her and her husband (they’re both ex-Marines). It looks like there’ll probably be 800+ people at the reception. We’ve got more relatives in this part of the country than a junk yard dog has fleas (no disrespect there Flea). My son-in-law and RW Jr. will be helping serve drinks at the reception. I just hope they’ll be doing more serving and less drinking but then again, probably NOT! I will be the official watcher of my grandson and Guardian of the Kegs! A job I thoroughly enjoy. Keeping up with a healthy 3 year old can be a demanding job but I will manage and have a good time doing it! Plus, somebody has to guard the kegs and it might as well be me!

Serious Preppin’

My preppin’ has been stepped up a notch with everything that’s going on right now and I seriously encourage others to do the same. I picked up a couple of extra 55 gallon barrels for extra water storage for sanitation and hygiene purposes. They’re not food grade (they had a bio-degradable soap in them) so I won’t be using the water for drinking or cooking but will come in handy for other stuff like hygiene and sanitation.

RW Jr. got me a nice fixed blade knife with a padded nylon sheath that I will be using on my duty belt that goes along with my tactical vest. I’m still getting things organized for my tactical vest but with a new fixed blade and a new holster for my Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver I’m getting there. I’ll do a post on this in more detail later as I get it organized.

I also picked up four cases of MRE’s to add to the long term and emergency food supplies. Got two cases of Type A and two cases of Type B. That’s a total of 48 extra meals in a very compact package! The price was a real bargain.

I also doubled my “stash of cash” added a few silver coins to my preps. This was tough but I considered this an absolute must due to the current financial crisis. I want to make sure I can cover the taxes on the property. The government doesn’t care about your financial difficulties when it comes to getting their taxes. Its pay up or else!

I’m still checking out the Mosin-Nagant M91/30 Rifle and when I figure in the money for an FFL transfer and shipping the cost doesn’t look that bad. I also got a chance to look at it again and checked the serial numbers on the barrel, bolt, and receiver and they all match. This is a good thing. It’s dated 1942 and has a Russian symbol that as far as I can figure out stands for someplace called Tula. I’ll need to check that out some more.

I’m also looking into getting one of those big 400 can storage racks as my food storage preps are putting a serious dent in available space. I’m thinking this is the way to go and it will save time on rotating my stock of can goods. They’re not cheap at about $400 but that figures out to less than a dollar a can. They’re also metal and this should add to their durability.

I’m also planning to go to a special thing the Texas Parks and Wildlife has going on this weekend up close to Austin with RW Jr. We’re getting prepared to do a little hiking and camping and put our Texas State Parks Pass to use. More later!

Staying above the water line!



Grumpyunk said...

Everything you want to know about Mosin rifles can be found here -

If you visit the forum, under no circumstances should you mention any plans to sporterize or modify it. They are extremely rabid about folks NOT doing this and you'll get tossed in no time flat.

The Mosin rifles are wonderful and reliable tools. If you're looking for groups of 1" or less at 200 yards, you may want to consider something else. For "Minute of Bad Guy" at 200 yards they work fine. Might be a bit of overkill on Dillos though!

Riverwalker said...

To: grumpunk

Dillos at 200 yards? Yeah! Sounds just about right!


Sunfighter said...

Yep, I've been stepping up my preps. Picked us a Remington 597 22LR yesterday and 550 rounds today. I can buy 550 22LR rounds for what 50 .45 rounds cost. That I like. I just bought the 22 for small game and plinking.

Everything else I got would make a real mess out of squirrels.

Grumpyunk's dead on about some Mosin heads, the ultimate crime is customizing a Mosin. I'd be burned at the stake by some of them. My son didn't want me to customize mine, but I'll hack up just about anything. He's a military history buff. Me I like the ATI stock on the M91/30. Takes some of the kick out of her. Funny how a few inches on a barrel makes such a difference. My M44 I left stock, it spits this huge fireball. The M91/30 doesn't. Funny how a few inches of barrel affects the kick and fire from the barrel.....

scoutinlife said...

River my friend... The targetin the Dillos sounds fun......If ever a need arise you need a Scout to stand against either 2 or 4 legged critters my friend I will gladly cover your six my brother........

Have truck,beans,beer,guns an will travel......Take care River...

Scout Out........

riverwalker said...

To: hilljack33

It's a tight squeeze but I'm preppin' harder than ever now. Your M44 throwing a fireball would probably burn everything within a mile if you shot it out at my place because it is seriously dry right now!


riverwalker said...

To: scoutinlife

Anytime you're headed my way...just holler at me! Don't worry about the beer & beans! Got plenty of both, just bring some ammo and a rifle and we'll get it done. If the dillos disappear we can always shoot the empty cans (we do that a lot also).


riverwalker said...

To: grumpyunk

Sorry about that but I forgot to say thanks for the link!


Anonymous said...

"We’ve got one of those soda machines out at his place that dispenses beer as well as sodas. No place like Texas!"

this might just make me move to texas. haha.

shooting 'dillos' sounds pretty damn fun. Good times.

riverwalker said...

To: kookster

My BIL works as a vending machine mechanic. Replaced the coin thingy with a pushbutton - don't need to put money in - just push a button and out pops a cold one.


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