Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY RV Project - Exterior Utilities Hook-up Light

Many times you will find yourself trying to hook up the utilities to your RV at dark thirty. Installing an exterior light on your RV will make the task a lot simpler. It doesn’t matter if you are boondocking or hooking up to a park space. You may find yourself in the dark and fumbling around with a flashlight. An exterior light will leave your hands free to make the process of getting things hooked up a lot easier.

Using a $10 light from the local tractor supply outlet and about 8 feet of two strand 12 volt wire is all you need to accomplish this RV mod. The cover for the power cord was removed and a wire was run from the 12 volt connections inside the RV.  A small hole was then made in the side of the RV for the wire after a suitable location for the light was determined. A piece of coat hanger wire was then snaked behind the siding of the RV until it came out at the side of the electrical cord cover opening. The wire was then hooked to the 12 volt electrical wire and pulled through the hole. It was then a simple process of hooking the wires to the light and mounting the base plate to the side of the RV and installing the light cover.

The light included an on/off switch and the cover was mounted with the switch in the down position. Even though the switch was water resistant, mounting it where it was on the bottom helps avoid rain hitting it directly.

It’s a quick and simple RV mod that can be done in less than an hour.

Got RV mod?

Staying above the water line!



Colm Barry said...

Ah, the land of the free! I've heard how you can modify your cars in the US and still keep your license plate. Put such a light to your trailer or anything in Europe and you might even lose the ability to run the thing on public roads? Alternative: get a certified engineer to vouch for it - costs you 10 dollars for the light and 500 for the engineer. So, flashlights with a magnet are the European solution ...

Douglas Rossi said...

Hey! Cool idea. Next time we go outdoors, I will definitely set this up. Thanks for sharing!

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