Saturday, November 9, 2013

Riverwalker’s Top Ten Alternate Uses for Lip Balm

There are numerous items that we frequently use in our everyday lives that frequently have multiple uses. Many of these uses aren’t readily apparent but can be a big help in a crisis or an emergency when your resources may be limited. One extremely handy everyday item that most people carry is lip balm . That small little tube can do a lot more than keep your lips moisturized.
Most lip balms are a petroleum-based product that also includes additional beneficial ingredients. It’s also a small enough item to be carried in your pocket, your purse or your first aid kit. Here are a few alternate uses for lip balm.

Top Ten Alternate Uses for Lip Balm

1. Treat minor cuts and scrapes on the skin with a thin coating of lip balm.

2. Use as a lubricant for stubborn zippers on your gear or equipment bags.

3. Rub on a cotton ball or gauze pad to make an expedient firestarter.

4. Insert a make-shift wick to make an expedient candle for emergencies.

5. Rub on other exposed areas like the ears to protect them from the cold.

6. Coat your shoe or boot laces to keep them secure and prevent untying.

7. Use to coat irritated skin areas on your feet before a blister can form.

8. Use to waterproof and seal damaged or exposed seams on tents.

9. Coat your knife blade to protect it from excess moisture in wet conditions.

10. Use a chunk of lip balm to seal a rifle barrel to keep out debris or moisture.

This is by no means all the uses for lip balm that are possible and you shouldn’t limit your resources by thinking in finite terms.

Got an alternate use for lip balm?

Staying above the water line!



daniels said...

It makes good bow string wax too.

Anonymous said...

Cool beans - I keep a tube of Burts Bees lip balm for just this reason for firestarter, a lot of those other uses I did not know of.

Thanks Riverwalker.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.53 again - went to Green Tree Dollar Store and found they have multiple tubes of this balm for a one buck. Same ingredients as the $2 and up per tube - good buy.

oneextramile said...

I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to survival. I bought a small survival kit from since they seem to have some of the best prices, but I'm considering a substantially larger purchase from them. Has anyone else heard of them? I didn't have any trouble with the first purchase...Just double-checking with some peeps a bit more educated on the subject.

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