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Riverwalker’s Gear Test and Review - Stealth Flashlights

Flashlights are a great way to extend your operational abilities past normal daylight hours. Most are extremely portable and are simple to operate. Many also include additional features which can further enhance their usefulness. Sometimes required activities can’t wait until daylight and you are going to need some form of lighting to assist you with getting your work done. There’s also less chance of a mishap when traveling at night becomes necessary. You will need to have a good flashlight handy to accomplish these goals.

This review will cover two different types of Stealth flashlights with a very unique feature. They also function as a stun gun for personal defense and protection. This can add an additional layer of protection for you and increase the level of your personal security.

The two different models of Stealth flashlights and their different features we will be testing are the Model HW 1101 (medium size) and the HW 1108 (larger version). The picture above gives you a reference point in order to see the difference in the size of these two flashlights when compared with a pocket-sized LED flashlight that is fairly common and found in stores most everywhere. 

Basic Features:

Stun capacity rated at 3,000,000 volts
Constructed of premium aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
Powerful 180 lumens LED Flashlight 
Approximate 2 hour constant run time on single charge. 
Recharging Hardware (car and wall chargers) included.
Two Light Settings: Dim and Bright
Attached lanyard included.
Compact and lightweight size (approximately 9 ounces).
Color: Black
Price: $40.00 plus shipping

Similar in size to your average flashlight, the lightweight and very compact Model HW 1101 does fit nicely in a glove compartment or console in your vehicle. This enables you to keep it handy for when it’s needed. It also can be easily carried in your back pocket or in a bag or purse. You may simply want to keep one by the door just in case you get an unwelcome visitor. This is important if you need to access it quickly in order to use the personal defense stun feature. This model also includes a wall charger and a car charger. Both charging units were tested and worked as expected. The cords were of sufficient length to make the recharging process quite simple. Having both a wall and car charger was an added bonus. The case of the flashlight was easy to grip and felt very comfortable. The switches were also readily accessible.

The stun feature (3,000,000 volts) was fairly localized when tested. Unfortunately, Mrs. RW wouldn't volunteer (more like to help out on this part and said this check was all mine. When used on myself, the stun was fairly localized but I did suffer a quick reaction to the stun when tested on my bare foot. It definitely got my attention even with the localized effect. Suffice it to say, this test was only performed once with the HW 1101. The stun feature only works when the flashlight is off and the slide switch on the unit is placed in the full forward position.

The flashlight worked extremely well when tested at night. It easily light up objects at a 100 yards and made them easily identifiable. The 180 lumens LED worked better than expected. The dim setting worked well also but the range was decreased by about half when tested. The lower setting does allow you to conserve battery life and extend the amount of time for working with light. This model also features a replaceable battery.

The price of this unit was also a pleasant surprise and had a very reasonable cost of only $40 plus shipping. This is important if you are on a tight budget and want to keep your gear costs at a minimum. Overall, the Stealth Flashlight Stun Model HW 1101 is a reasonably priced, compact and lightweight LED flashlight that has the additional ability to function in a personal defense capacity which makes it a unique multi-function tool.

Basic Features:

Dimensions: 9 1/2" L x 1 3/4" W
Stun capacity rated at 5,000,000 volts
Powerful 180 Lumens Flashlight
LED light good for approximately 100,000 hours.
Built-In Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Recharging Hardware (wall charger only) included.
Approximate 2 hour constant run time on single charge. 
Battery is rechargeable up to approximately 1000 times.
Metal Belt Clip attached.
Lightweight (approximately 11 ounces).
Constructed of premium aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
Three Light Settings: Dim, Explosive Pulse (Strobe), Bright
Safety Switch Installed in the Base of the Flashlight to Prevent Accidental Stun
Color: Black
Price: $45.00 plus shipping.

The old saying “Bigger is Better!” can be applied to the Model HW 1108. This flashlight easily lighted objects at well over a hundred yards with ease. The three different lighting modes all worked as expected and the strobe function was an added bonus. The dim setting was also important since it allows you to still use the flashlight while conserving battery power.

While it won’t fit in your vehicle glove compartment, it does fit easily into the side pocket on your vehicle door or a large center console. While quite a bit larger, it weighs in at approximately 11 ounces and feels a lot heavier than its actual weight. If the battery went dead, it could still function as a nifty little club.

Due to its larger size, this model is equipped with a sturdy belt clip. This it allows it to be easily carried on a utility belt or even clipped to your backpack. The clip holds the flashlight securely while allowing it to be removed quickly and easily when needed. The belt clip is fixed and not removable. The design of the flashlight also has a very nice feel to the grip as did the HW 1101 model.

The Model HW 1108 comes with a wall charger only. The supplied power cord does come up a little short in the length department. You will need to have the flashlight in a vertical position in order to recharge it. If the charging cord had been somewhat longer, it would have allowed it to be charged in a safer and more secure horizontal position. This would eliminate the possibility of your flashlight getting knocked over during recharging.

The Model HW 1108 does have a separate switch that’s allows the stun feature to be turned off for additional safety. It is located in a recessed area on the end of the flashlight next to the recharging port. This is a great feature when you consider its higher stun capacity of 5,000,000 volts. The stun feature on the HW 1108 was also tested and my bare foot once again felt the full force of this feature. While also a similarly localized effect as the Model HW 1101, this did get a “knee jerk” reaction on my part. The stun features works really well. This test was also performed only once.
While less compact and only slightly more expensive at a cost of $45 plus shipping, the Model HW 1108 offers a safety switch, extended flashlight range, increased stun capacity and a strobe feature. The only major limitation is that it only offers a wall charger and the battery is integrated into the flashlight and is not replaceable by the user. It still affords an excellent option for a multi-function tool that can add to your personal security and defense.

Due to the stun features, these flashlights are not water-proof and can be damaged if submerged. Additionally, both of these flashlights carry a 30 day return policy and 90 day money back or exchange guaranty for any component related issues. You can purchase either of these flashlights by clicking on the links in the article or by visiting .


Please consult your State laws before purchasing. The vast majority of states do not require a permit to carry a stun gun but some states do have restrictions in regards to stun guns.

You can visit this link to check stun gun restrictions in your state:

Ready to light something up?

Staying above the water line!


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Ed Vaisvilas said...

I have the 5M stun flashlight, even though some self-appointed expert say stun-guns are a waste of money. The first perp I have to zap, I'll ask him if it was $$ well-spent.

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