Monday, July 29, 2013

Free Digital Copy of Self Reliance Illustrated

Stealth Survival has teamed up with Self Reliance Illustrated in a special giveaway for the readers of Stealth Survival. In an effort to help everyone increase their self reliance, any of my readers who would like a free digital copy of any of the issues of Self Reliance Illustrated can receive a free digital copy of one of the premier self reliance magazines available.

How do you get your free digital copy? It’s easy. Leave a comment on this post stating you want to be more self reliant.

Then pick out the issue of Self Reliance Illustrated you would like to receive from the issues that are currently available.

Then send an email to Self Reliance Illustrated at:   

In the subject line of your email enter Free Digital Copy and in the body of the email state the number of the issue you would like to receive and Self Reliance Illustrated will send you a free digital copy. Don’t forget to mention that RW sent you.

Self Reliance Illustrated is a collaborative effort of Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder School and Blind Horse Knives. Each issue covers a wide variety of topics from shelter and food requirements, knot tying and fire-making...just to name a few. SRI has numerous articles by some of the most knowledgeable people in the preparedness and survival community who want you to be better informed and hopefully develop the necessary skills to enable you to become more self reliant. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to check out Self Reliance Illustrated,

Got SRI?

Staying above the water line!



John said...

I want to be more self reliant, as should we all. Glad you've worked out this giveaway with SRI. Thanks.

Bugout Bob said...

I want to be more self reliant. Thanks for arranging thi give away

Anonymous said...

Isn't it from the same guy of Pathfinder who was expelled from dual survival?

Anonymous said...

I want to be self reliant.

Milissa E. said...

Our family is just starting on the journey of becoming more self reliant. I want to be more self reliant.

riverwalker said...

To: anon 12:41

Dave Canterbury was originally on Dual Survival with Cody Lundin.

I believe he left the show because of a lack of any control over how the material and survival-related issues were being presented more than anything.

I've watched Dual Survival a couple of times since he left but found the lack of differing views on survival techniques a loss.


Dan W. said...

I want to be more self-reliant and it looks like this is a good place. Thanks for the freebie. Good luck in the future.

Windkey said...

I also want to be more self-reliant.

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