Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Planning Ahead - The Vehicle Stash

Most Americans are pretty dependent upon their vehicles. It’s essentially how we get from point A to point B.  While we use our vehicles in our daily routine, we often fail to include them in our preparedness plans. Time and effort can be utilized more effectively if we do some advance planning.

Most vehicles have a wide range of storage areas. Some are quite small, while others can hold a significant amount of gear. This can be of vital importance if it becomes necessary to “bug-out” in a hurry. Stashing a few extra but necessary items in your vehicle ahead of an impending disaster can be an excellent means in which to save some time and give yourself that needed edge. Sometimes a few minutes can mean a world of difference if you have to bug-out.

Utilizing those extra storage areas to carry a few extra items can effectively put you ahead of the game. A flashlight and a multi-tool stashed in your vehicle’s glove compartment, a good fixed blade knife hidden in a map pocket, a tarp tucked under the back seat, or a 2 gallon cooler of drinking water tucked away in the trunk can keep you ahead of the game.  You can even find space to keep a GHB (get home bag) in case your vehicle breaks down. In most disaster scenarios, time is a valuable commodity and a little advance planning will help you conserve as much time as possible. You can always throw your bug-out bag in at the last minute.

Storage space is a terrible thing to waste.

Got vehicle stash?

Staying above the water line!


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget a pair of BROKEN IN hiking boots or at least comfortable shoes, many office worker types wear clothing (especially women shoes) which are 'OFFICE FRIENDLY' but not very good for walking out.

Doesn't have to cost you a thing - an old pair of footwear you are thinking of retiring but still has useful life is perfect for this. Stuff them with at least two pairs of good socks so you can change them at intervals.

Thanks Riverwalker.

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