Sunday, March 3, 2013

Riverwalker’s Book Review and Bonus Giveaway - The MiniFARMING Guide to Composting

Probably one of the least understood things when it comes to gardening is being able to make compost. Knowing a few basic techniques can help you enrich your gardening experience and make your plants a lot happier. Brett Markham in The Mini Farming Guide to Composting: Self-Sufficiency from Your Kitchen to Your Backyard can help you achieve your goal of better gardening through the use of composting.

While not a technical manual on composting, Markham manages to provide a basic and simple understanding of what is required to be successful when composting. He also provides an explanation of several ways to make a compost bin including a simple plan using a five gallon bucket to make a small composting bin. This would even be a great project that would allow urban dwellers with minimum amounts of space to benefit from composting as well. He also gives very good instructions on how to make compost tea in simple and easy to understand terms. Just don’t use one of your wife’s good pillowcases or you could wind up in the doghouse.

Even if you are an experienced gardener, there are numerous tips and tricks throughout his book that can help make your gardening efforts more successful through the use of proper composting techniques. A little compost can go a long way in making your gardening efforts a success.

As an added bonus, one lucky reader will win a free copy of The Mini Farming Guide to Composting: Self-Sufficiency from Your Kitchen to Your Backyard. Just leave a comment telling us of your composting experience. Feel free to include any tips or tricks you think others may find useful. A winner will be chosen at random on March 15th and the winner will receive their free book directly from the publisher.

You might also want to check out Brett Markham’s other books including Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre.

Got compost?

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idahobob said...

My composting experiences just plain suck!

I think that I've tried every way to make compost, piles, compost bin and even purchased some handy dandy compost tumblers that were supposed to make compost out of the grass clippings in 5 days! Not so!. At didn't do s@#t to the clippings!


So, if this book could give me some help in the compost making world.....I need it.


riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

If nobody else leaves a comment, you're probably going to win the free copy. It also sounds like you need it badly.



Lee J said...

I just started composting last year so am looking forward to learning more as I go. So far my best tip is... anyone can try it! From a small urban apartment in Chicago I hope I have been able to save a few bucks on organic dirt ready for this year's seeds!

Anonymous said...

i've been doing composting for a little while. stuff would look great, but would kill any plant. friend told me theres too much green matter, not enough woody material. suggested i add newspaper. this works great. after you add something to the pile, put some newspaper on top. end result is compost the plants can use.- rush2112

TMM said...

I tried composting, I built one of those rotating barrels out of a 55 gal plastic barrel. Spent hours making that thing. even had an aeration tube down the center and all. Put all the clippings in it, rotated it regularly.. and after an entire year, I had stinky mushy clippings...

Then I did the metal can in the ground with holes for worms to go in and out.. tossed in the kitchen scraps for a few months and then let it sit for a year.... ended up with stinky mushy kitchen scraps!

guess composting is not my specialty :(

Groundhog said...

My past experiences all ended up in large piles of dry grass. Trying it again at my new ranch.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I had a composter once, it didn't do so well. But the pile in the corner I never touched, composted great after a year or so, nice deep rich wonderfully earthy smelling soil.

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