Friday, March 1, 2013

Group Survival - Diversity in Numbers

It’s difficult to be all things at one time. Although many of us have probably done a wide variety of tasks in our lifetimes, we may still lack necessary skills in many areas. A lack of skills in different areas can affect our survival. This is where diversity in numbers comes into play.

When you have numerous people in your group, the chances of someone having the required skills for your survival will be much greater. While being a “jack of all trades” is a plus, sometimes a little more expertise is required to get the job done. The odds are greatly in your favor of having a wide variety of skill sets in a group. This effect is magnified if you have a large group.

It is up to the leader of your group to be aware of the skills each member has in your group. This will enable you to play to the strengths of your group. You may have someone with medical knowledge and skills. It may be mechanic or carpentry skills that stand out among certain members of your group. The chances for your survival will be increased by the types of skill sets that are in your group. The chances for everyone’s survival will be enhanced when you have numerous skill sets in your group. 

There will be those times when an experienced person will be needed to accomplish a task. Knowing the abilities of the members in your group is just as important as having an inventory of food and supplies. These members can then be assigned to the more difficult tasks that may require a higher level of expertise and experience. These persons can also be used to teach others and further increase the skills and knowledge of your group. Don’t discount the ability of the members of your group to learn new skills.

Don’t fail to recognize that the “jack of all trades” makes an excellent helper for those with more advanced skills. They usually grasp new concepts easily and will work diligently to achieve their assigned tasks. They will also usually require less basic instruction to accomplish the goals of your group.

Always include the younger members of your group as well. Young people can absorb knowledge like a sponge collects water. There level of enthusiasm is usually way beyond normal and they will take pride in being included in the efforts of your group. While they may not be capable of certain physical tasks, older members can also provide a wealth of information from their past experience to assist in the efforts of your group.

Utilizing the diversity of skills in your group will ultimately make the efforts of your group more successful. The success of your group will ultimately require you to take advantage of this fact and this will increase the overall chances for your survival.

Got group diversity?

Staying above the water line!



Paul Claassen said...

Durn right! Riverwalker has some very good points. Unlike what the US Army used to say, we are not an "Army of One"; survivalists sometimes need to get out of the "I alone" mentality. Get to know your neighbors and figure out who you can trust, and earn their trust, too. Also figure out which ones are the sheeple to avoid. As far as skills go, don't discount domestic skills such as cooking and sewing.

riverwalker said...

To: Paul

The strength and skills of the family unit or members of your group are going to be a critical part of any long term survival effort.

Thanks Paul.


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