Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Riverwalker’s Book Review - Getting Home

An excellent book for the beginning prepper is Alex Smith’s Getting Home. This book isn’t about a survivalist battling zombies to get to his family. It is a decent non-fiction guide to putting a plan of action into motion that will allow you to get home safely in a crisis. In his book he covers EDC (everyday carry) items and how to choose a GHB (get home bag).  He makes excellent points on EDC items you should have and covers options for items needed both at your work environment and things you should keep in your vehicle.

Alex also stresses the importance of redundancy (two is one and one is none) in your EDC and your GHB. He also has some excellent tips on choosing the right type of pack to fit your physical profile. This is extremely vital information for those who have done relatively little hiking or backpacking, which is completely different from the “car camping” many persons utilize in their outdoor endeavors. The information about choosing the proper type of pack is worth the cost of the book itself.

He also gives tips on firearms for EDC. While decent recommendations, most seemed to be based on his personal experience and preferences when it comes to firearms. The book also includes several helpful tips in regards to your transportation that the beginning prepper may not think of or may not be familiar with in their experience. Several of these tips are found throughout his book and you need to read it carefully so as not to miss them.

Alex’s book is well written and would make a good addition to your survival library. Several of his tips would also make it worthwhile to the more experienced prepper. I even found a few tips that will be useful to me. RW gives Getting Home a thumbs up!

Got GHB?

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John Wesley Smith said...

Good review. I'm glad he includes his personal preferences for firearms and bags because it's interesting to find out what others like him are using. He recommends several other brands and choices, too.
If all goes as planned, I'll have the author, Alex Smith, on my DestinySurvival Radio show later this month.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Riverwalker, always good to have knowledge prior to purchase.

survival food said...

Thank you for the great review you have shared here. Very informative on things that should be prioritized when purchasing.Bookmarked and will follow your blogs in the future. Thanks and god speed!

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