Saturday, October 27, 2012

Types of Knives - The Trapper

The trapper is a basic knife pattern that rivals the popularity of another popular knife pattern, the stockman. Since the early 1900’s this particular type of pocket knife has been a must carry item for many outdoorsmen. The combination of a clip blade and a spey blade made it extremely useful for a wide variety of tasks but was more popular as a hunting and skinning knife, especially where the processing of small game is concerned.

Standard trappers are normally about 4 inches long and large trappers generally run a bit larger at around 4.5 inches. There also “baby” trappers available which are found in lengths of about 3 inches. The “baby” trappers came into use in the early 1970’s as a wide variety of traditional pocketknives were once again gaining popularity among many knife users. The smaller versions of this knife pattern were often considered the "gentleman's" version of a trapper.

Trappers are a basic jack knife pattern of American origin which has both blades located on one end. They are most valued for their versatility and are considered an essential piece of gear for those persons who hunt and trap small game animals. It is this versatility that has made them one of the more popular styles of traditional pocket knives in use today.

Got trapper?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Trappers are a great 2 blade pattern, a lot people I know carry them for EDC. The full sized pocket knife handle gives you great grasping purchase.

riverwalker said...

To: anon 7:27

My grandfather always carried a Case trapper with the yellow Delrin handle. He called it his working knife. The medium to large trappers make excellent EDC.



daren sammy said...

Thanks for sharing this information its really nice. pocket knives

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