Monday, October 8, 2012

Riverwalker’s Knife Review - The SOG Seal Pup

The first thing that needs to be said about this knife is that it’s sharp straight out of the box. The excellent sharpness of this knife can be directly tied to the special cryogenic heat treatment that SOG uses in their blade-making process. It’s also a lot lighter than expected at only 5.4 ounces and has an overall length of only 9 inches which makes it ideal for your EDC needs. 

It has an extremely comfortable handle which affords a very secure grip under all conditions with its finger grooves and GRN (glass reinforced nylon) handle. Even with gloves on, it still affords a secure grip.

The handle also includes a lanyard hole. A lanyard is not included and will need to be added if desired.

The weight will increase some when you add a multi-tool or folder to the accessory pouch on the sheath but this shouldn’t create a serious difference in the amount of weight being carried.

It has a comparatively thick blade at .16 inches and an overall blade length of 4.75 inches. It also has a convenient thumb rest. The blade is made of AUS-8 steel.

The knife comes with a TiNi powder coating on the blade which provides excellent corrosion resistance. The blade also has a partially serrated edge.

The SOG Seal Pup also comes with a ballistic nylon sheath (Kydex or leather sheath is also available) that is designed to protect your knife from the elements. This is one of the additional features of this knife that comes in strong in all categories.

The sheath has a very sturdy nylon insert for the blade to protect the sheath. 

The sheath also has very good reinforced stitching. You won’t have to worry about this sheath coming apart at the seams.

The sheath is also Molle compatible which gives you a wide range of carry options.

The sheath also includes a combination snap fastener with a Velcro attachment to secure the knife in the sheath when not in use.

It’s easy to tell when you have a really good knife by the logo on the blade or just ask a Seal which one they prefer.

With a suggested list price of $98.50, it may seem a little pricey but there are several available sources where it can be purchased in a more affordable price range of $50 to $60. Either way it’s an excellent knife for the money.

Got SOG?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Very nice knife. I own a couple of SOG multi-tools, but haven't really inspected a SOG knife - very nice review, thanks for giving us the heads up!

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 12:39

Mine was a gift from RW, Jr. He obtained it on a close-out and got for a very decent price when compared with the suggested retail.

I carry my rescue folder in the accessory pouch which is an added bonus. I still prefer to carry my multi-tool in a separate pouch.

Thanks anon.


Anonymous said...

I have a seal pup--great knife..I keep a bic lighter and a 9volt battery operated light in the extra pouch. paid $49.00 for mine thru year and a half ago. peace, Shadowfaxhound

Brent Perkins said...

SOG Field Pup, although smaller, is a nice little tool also.

Ken said...

...bummer, i passed on one of those last year at 59.99...i thought a tad pricey at the time

...maybe i'll look again, let me know how it goes with usage...

Anonymous said...

Got 2 at Wal Mart last year for 49.95 each. Check Wally World.

Anonymous said...

While we are talking 'sharp pointy items', take a look at the new Opinel #8 Outdoor knife. Opinels are pretty nifty too, I like that ring lock and they are very lightweight.

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