Thursday, September 13, 2012

Types of Knives - The Stockman Knife

Stockman Knife

The stockman knife normally has three different types of blade. These include a clip blade, a sheep's foot and a spey blade. The sheep’s foot is useful for making long straight cuts or any other cutting task that requires extra control. The spey blade is good for making what is generally referred to as a “pushing” or motion cut. The clip blade is a general type of blade that is useful for slicing.

Stockman knives are generally medium-sized knives that allow them to be easily carried in your pocket. There are generally two types of handles that are found on stockman knives. These are the straight handled versions and the sowbelly version in which the handle has a distinctive curvature.

Like most traditional folding knives, stockman knives are opened using nail nicks. These are slots where your fingernail can be used to pull the blade out of the handle. The stockman knife pattern is one of the more useful types of traditional knife styles. It contains different types of blades that were well suited to a wide variety of tasks.

The stockman is an amazingly versatile knife. With its combination of three different blade types, it is capable of handling virtually any task you may need to accomplish. The stockman remains one of the most popular styles of folding knives currently in use to this day.

Got stockman?

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One Fly said...

I do like this style of knife as there's so much versatility with the different blades.

You're posting a bunch. That must mean you're feeling pretty good I hope.

riverwalker said...

To: One Fly

Feeling a lot better but still have a ways to go yet.

It's been raining off and on today so I wasn't able to get much done otherwise...decided an extra post would be a good idea.

Stockman knives are kind of the original multi-tool of knives. Good for just about any cutting chore.

Thanks One Fly.


BTW, the Glock Lady is commandeering the knife in the picture. She said it was about time I got her a good knife for EDC.

Anonymous said...

When I hear the word 'pocketknife', the stockman pattern is what instantly comes to mind. That was a great description of the blade shapes and uses. This and the muskrat are my favorite EDCs.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 8:39

I believe the sheep's foot blade got its name from the use of this style of blade for more control and to eliminate accidents when cleaning and trimming hooves on sheep...who don't always stand still like they are supposed to anyway.

Although many sailors liked this style of blade for the same reason...prevent accidental injuries from a knife slipping due to the sudden rocking movement of the boat.

I would think that as popular as this knife is there are at least as many uses for the different style of blades found on a stockman as there are people using them.

Thanks anon.


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