Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Survival Kit Mods - Adding a Lanyard

In DIY Survival Gear - Building a Survival Kit - Part One, a reader made a comment on how to add a lanyard to your survival kit when using the small waterproof containers. The picture above shows a survival kit container, as used in my series on building a survival kit, with a lanyard attached.

Here is his comment:

Ed said...

"There are sort of finlike protrusions near the hinges on the back; I made holes in those with a soldering iron, so I can put a loop of paracord on it and cow-hitch it to the thwart on my canoe, a belt loop, whatever. Could do the same with a drill but my guess is melting the hole would stress the plastic less than drilling a hole the same size.

Of course, you could drill a much smaller hole and use thinner cord, wire, whatever. "

To make it easier for those wishing to make this gear mod to their survival kit, here is a pictorial of Ed's suggestion for adding a lanyard.

The  picture above shows the fin-like protrusion on the case where you can drill a hole to attach a lanyard.

The picture above shows the fin-like protrusion after the lanyard hole has been drilled.

The picture above shows a lanyard secured to the survival kit container with a simple overhand knot.

This gear mod does not affect the structural integrity of the case and is a simple modification that most anyone can make. Just exercise a little caution and don't make the hole too large.

Thanks go out to Ed for a great gear mod that was very simple to accomplish.

Got DIY Survival Kit Mod?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

That is a good tip. I would want to attach a float of some sort if this were carried on the water. Be a real inconvenience if dropped into water and lost.

riverwalker said...

Since the container is waterproof, I think it should float...unless it was filled with some really heavy items.

Might need to test this out and see how much weight it would take to sink it...better to know ahead of time than to drop it overboard and watch it fail to be...

Staying above the water line!

Thanks anon.


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