Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY Survival Gear - Building a Survival Kit - Part Three

In Building a Survival Kit - Part Two, signal devices in the form of a camp mirror and a whistle were added to the survival gear in our survival kit. In Part Three, we will add several more gear items to our survival kit. The goal is to build a quality survival kit that will be easy to use by any member of your family.

The third item that will be added to our survival kit is a small LED flashlight (a flat one of course). This will give you a source of light in an emergency to keep you from stumbling around in the dark. This LED flashlight can also be used as a means to signal for help at night. This gear item adds $1.00 to the cost and an additional ounce of weight to our survival kit.

The fourth item that will be added to our survival kit is a small sewing kit. Once again, we have another “flat” addition to our survival kit. This gear item just adds some additional versatility to our survival kit. This adds $1.00 to the cost and an additional ounce of weight to our survival kit.

The fifth item that will be added to our survival kit is cordage in the form of bootlaces. A pair of 72 inch bootlaces will provide 12 feet of strong cordage and serve as a reminder that boot and shoe laces are a good source of emergency cordage. Paracord is not always available at the big box stores but you can always find a set of bootlaces in the shoe department. This adds $1.00 to the cost and an additional ounce of weight to our survival kit.

Here is a current summary of the contents of our survival kit:

Gear Item                                     Cost                         Weight

Container                                      $5.00                           5 oz.

Mirror                                            $3.00                           1 oz.

Whistle                                          $2.00                           1 oz.

LED Flashlight                              $1.00                           1 oz.

Sewing Kit                                     $1.00                           1 oz.

Cordage                                        $1.00                           1 oz.
                                                    _______                    ______

Totals                                           $13.00                       10 oz.

The next installment will be:

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Got DIY Survival Kit ?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

The sewing kit is a novel idea for a survival kit.
I have one in my BOB, but just carry several large sewing needles in my pocket kit.
They have been magnetized.

riverwalker said...

To: Richard

In an emergency it could be used for a number of different things...emergency suture kit?

Probably it's best use is to occupy your time and get your thoughts focused...sewing a button on your clothing will definitely get you focused.



Anonymous said...

The bootlaces are a good addition - I broke a pair on one of my boots in the field and it was a real pain doing without a replacement. Found a piece of fence wire and used a loop of it through eyelets at top.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 9:22

Been there and done that! Boot laces will almost always break at the wrong time...really difficult to walk when they aren't cinched up good.

The other reason for using the boot laces was keep the contents universally available at most any big box store.

Thanks anon.


Ken said...

...x-tra bootlaces are a given in the bob, will add them to the kit asap tho, thanx fer the reminder...

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

Odds are you'll bust a shoe lace before you get


JaMee said...

I'm continuing to appreciate your time and effort. I'm looking forward to getting started...

Jack Kukuk said...

Made a wishlist of the items so far on Amazon

Jenna Bird said...

Really appreciating Jack's wishlist here. I'd never even seen one of those flat LED flashlights. I keep a set of small barrel ones in various locations (one in my car, one in my room, and one in the kitchen) and love them. A flat one is definitely better for this kit! (Like I really needed to repeat the obvious there?)

Addie said...

Thanks for the wish list link :) makes it easier on me.

Anonymous said...

Doing good so far

ARC said...

Good ideas...

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