Friday, May 4, 2012

Security Landscaping - The Path of Least Resistance

Controlling unwanted visitors is an important part of any defense mechanism you may try to establish to provide a greater level of security. While you will not be able to fully control unwanted visitors completely, you can seek to influence their approach and hopefully send them in a direction that will place them at a severe disadvantage. Hopefully, you can then guide them into a more protected area or a position with better defenses that will allow you to stop the intrusion.

While using plants for protection can be an important and vital part of security landscaping, there are other means that can be equally effective and only require a little advance planning, a few basic raw materials or some relatively inexpensive equipment. One of the methods that is quite effective can be achieved by creating a “path of least resistance”. 

Human nature is sometimes very predictable. Our behavior quite often forms a basic pattern that can be used to create an advantage over possible intruders. Almost everyone will try to find the easiest manner in which to do something and individuals seeking to violate your security are no exception. This is a typical behavior in most cases in which people will normally seek the easiest way possible to achieve their goals. It is a very normal pattern of behavior that causes us to seek the path of least resistance.

There are numerous ways you can work to create a “path of least resistance”. One of the easiest and quite often overlooked means is through the use of signs. Probably one of the best known signs used by many people is the “Beware of Dog” sign that is found posted in the yards of many homeowners. Most unwelcome visitors will automatically seek a different path in order to avoid what may be a significant problem. Other signs can also be used just as effectively. You can literally stop a person in their tracks with the right type of sign. Utility companies use this practice everyday to prevent people from “messing around” in areas where they aren’t wanted. All it takes is a sign that says “High Voltage” and people will automatically stop or reverse their course quickly. Even a simple sign indicating your premises are monitored by cameras or a security system can act as a deterrent to unwanted visitors.

Strategically placed lighting can be equally effective in creating a “path of least resistance”. You can literally guide unwanted intruders down a specific path as they seek to avoid detection that could be caused by entering a well lighted area of your yard. You can further compound their problems with motion sensitive lighting that they will be unaware of while trying to avoid more obvious lighting in your yard.

Passive barriers can also work to your advantage and help to create a “path of least resistance”. A large rock, a fence, or even a large concrete yard ornament when placed in a strategic position can cause them to change their direction to an area where you will have the advantage. Being in control of a situation is always preferable in maintaining your security. Controlling the movements of an unwanted visitor without them realizing it will place them in a vulnerable position that you can always use to your advantage.

Controlling the manner of approach and direction of an unwanted visitor is just one of the ways you can increase the level of your home security with the proper landscaping. When you maintain control of the area around your home, the advantage will always be yours.

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Anonymous said...

good idea and it works, when i lived in tunesia we has a field in the back covered in wild grown low cactee with very nasty thorns. the front was well lit and secure. still stuff disapeared from the back. i found that there was a hard to see track throught the cactee, so i decided to put up a tripwire just befor a bend and beholed a couple of days later (i left some "valuables" out on purpose) we heard a loud screem and crying. we took our torches and found our teenage neigbours son (whos father owned the house we lived in, so he knew the area very well)totally tangled shred and bleeding stuck in the cactee. he went where i wanted him

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