Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beyond the Basics - Upgrading Your First Aid Kit for Bleeding and Burns

First Aid Kit Additions

A basic First Aid Kit (FAK) is an absolute necessity for emergencies. It can usually be made better with some simple additions that aren’t often seen in the basic ready-made First Aid Kits. When you build your own First Aid Kit, you can make upgrades to its basic contents quite easily to allow you to better handle a wider range of injuries.

Two of the most frequent injuries you will see in a minor emergency are bleeding or burns. Past experience has dictated that my First Aid Kit have something a little more extensive to cover these two areas. This is especially true in the summertime when a severe case of sunburn can totally ruin your day and make you miserable. Being able to treat minor burns and bleeding until proper medical help can be obtained can be essential during a crisis and normal times.

Two items that should be added as an upgrade are something that will allow you to better handle minor bleeding and minor burns. For minor burns, the Water-Jel brand of burn jel is a good addition to your first aid kit. These are small and lightweight and make a suitable addition for any size First Aid Kit. They come in a box of 25 packs that can be distributed among your various First Aid Kits. Water-Jel specializes in burn treatment products. They also make special bandages if you want to make a more extensive upgrade to your first aid kit to handle even more serious burns.

There are times when a band-aid just won’t get the job done. Even a fairly minor cut or scrape can bleed profusely and may require more extensive treatment. Even having several heavy gauze packs may not be sufficient. This is where a small Quick Clot bandage can come in handy. In a “not so minor” emergency, a Quick Clot Bandage may be just what is needed to handle a crisis properly. They’re an easy to use, compact and lightweight addition for your First Aid Kit to help treat cases of bleeding more effectively.

Both the QuikClot Sport Regular and the Water Jel Burn Jel are fairly inexpensive and make good upgrades for your First Aid Kit. This will give you an option to better treat minor burns or bleeding.

Got First Aid Kit upgrades?

Staying above the water line!



mmasse said...

I would add a halo chest seal, a tourniquet, and a decompression needle. Possibly an Israeli bandage as well.

Anonymous said...

Substitute Celox instead of Quik Clot. You'll be thankful and so will the person cleaning your wound.

riverwalker said...


I think you may be referring to a trauma kit. You will probably need some advanced First Aid training to use those items properly.



riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 9:36

The original QuickClot had several problems. The basic idea behind both of these products is to help slow down heavier than normal bleeding within the body where simple pressure or a tourniquet may be unable to be applied.

The original QuickClot had three main problems. The first problem was that it could get very hot and could cause burns to the patient. The second problem was that some of the QuickClot grains might break off and could possibly break away and cause a clot in other parts of the body in other areas besides the wound. The third problem was that it had to be removed once the patient was at the hospital. These problems caused a lot of emergency services to discontinue its use.

Celox (Celox gauze?) was designed to help eliminate those problems. Newer formulas and designs of QuickClot have also solved some of these basic problems.

The Celox Gauze is basically Celox in the form of gauze instead of a powder. The purpose is to use it to “pack” the wound rather than pouring the powder directly into the wound area.

These products have very limited use in most cases. They are designed to stop serious forms of bleeding when other forms of treatment aren't possible. Surface wounds should normally be treated with bandages and pressure.

An advanced class in First Aid Training will help you recognize the proper situations in which to use these items.

Thanks anon.


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