Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple Survival Tips - S.T.O.P. to Survive

In most survival situations, we are the biggest threat to our survival. It is our own lack of the proper action that will limit our chances for survival. Many people die in a survival situation simply because they failed to take the few simple steps necessary in order to keep themselves alive. Being aware of the leading causes of death in a survival situation and other important factors will help increase the chances of your survival.

Some of the leading causes of death in a survival situation are:

1. Hypothermia (a decline of your body’s core temperature)

2. Dehydration (a loss of body fluids)

3. Serious injuries from flying debris during a storm (such as a tornado or hurricane)

4. Drowning (during flooding or a hurricane)

Forget about food for the time being. You will die a lot quicker from hypothermia or dehydration than you will from starvation. If you become injured and no emergency medical help is available, it won’t take very long for you to bleed to death. If you try to cross a flooded stream in your car, you may end up drowning.

In a survival situation, using the survival acronym “S.T.O.P.” will help you to remember the proper actions you may need to take. It may be a need for shelter, halting your movements to avoid a hazard, to stay put to avoid getting lost even more than you may be already, or it could simply be trying to locate a source of water.

S.T.O.P. to Survive

1. S. = Stop 

2. T. = Think

3. O. = Observe

4. P. = Plan

Stop before you make things worse and take time to Think about the situation, and then Observe the area where you are located and then make a Plan for a course of action that will enable you to survive.

Taking a proper course of action will always increase your chances for survival.

Staying above the water line!


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