Monday, March 5, 2012

Raw Survival - The Natural Meal for Survival

We’ve learned that cooking meat prior to eating it can protect us from a variety of problems, especially since our digestive systems aren’t designed to handle the consumption of raw meat. Unfortunately, the practice of cooking our food has changed our way of eating and we now rarely consume food items which haven’t been cooked in some manner. You may want to consider a “Natural Meal” for survival.

Nature probably didn’t intend for everything we eat to be cooked over a fire. Although it does enhance the flavor in some cases, many times it is to the detriment of the vital nutrients contained in that food. This is where nuts, fruits and vegetables excel. In their basic form, they are tasty and nutritious and there is no cooking involved.

A raw carrot plucked from the ground, a handful of berries from a bush, a tomato plucked from a vine or a few nuts from a tree can easily make a meal or a quick snack. No need to build a big fire. 

You will also derive a lot more benefits from the nutrients in those food items. You’ll also have a tendency to eat less as the raw foods you consume are often a lot tastier than their often over-cooked and sometimes bland counterparts. This will satisfy your appetite a lot faster. With enhanced flavor, you won’t need to add as many flavorings such as salt, pepper or mayo and you may have fewer problems with indigestion.

When you don’t have to cook your food, you save time and trouble with cleanup chores and cooking time as well. You also don’t have to worry about burnt fingers from grabbing a hot pot. You can spend your time enjoying your meal. What about leftovers? If there are any, they can go straight to the compost pile.

It’s important to remember in a survival situation that not everything we eat has to be cooked.

Got “Natural Meal” for survival?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

I've tried raw cactus pads (nopalitos), the new growth with soft spines (green that curl like cat claw is what comes to mind to describe). They taste like a slightly tart apple, fwiw. Just be sure to get all the spines.

Also in my youth ate mesquite beans from the pod, but I don't recollect what they tasted like exactly.

Randy Meyer said...

Eating freeze dried food may not be your first choice for a good meal but in an emergency it is the perfect meal. These ready to eat "instant meals" will ensure your family is well-fed in a disaster situation. Because freeze dried food can last for as long as 30 years and maintain much of its nutritional value it should be included in your Emergency Food Storage plan.

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