Thursday, March 8, 2012

Emergency Water Filtration and Purification Tips

Water will always be one of the most important requirements for your survival. It really doesn’t matter what type of crisis you may be experiencing, your survival will always be dependent upon a good source of clean drinking water. Here is a list of a few emergency water filtration and purification tips to help guide you in a crisis.

Emergency Water Filtration and Purification Tips

1. Always seek the cleanest source of water available. - In a survival situation finding a relatively clean source of drinking water may not always be possible but you should make the attempt. Finding the best possible source of water for filtration and purification will decrease the amount of work and effort required to obtain clean drinking water.

2. Always use the best filter materials that may be available. - Try to use the best filter materials you can find to filter your water. Your results will be largely determined by the type of filter or filtering material used.

3. Always lower the turbidity of your water by filtering. - Removing as much sediment in your water as possible by filtering prior to purification is of prime importance. Parasites and bacteria that are present inside solid particles present in the water are usually much more difficult to eliminate and a lot harder to destroy. It may even be necessary to filter your water several times to achieve the lowest turbidity levels possible.

4. Always boil your water after it is filtered. - This is the best manner to eliminate contamination and make your water as safe as possible for consumption. This may not always be an option and chemical forms of treatment may be required.

5. Always give water purification chemicals proper time to work. - When using a chemical (bleach or iodine) treatment, your water should always be given sufficient time for the purification chemicals to work. In most cases, approximately 30 minutes will be needed for the chemicals to achieve the desired result and the purification of your water to be complete.

6. Always oxygenate your treated water to improve the taste. - Taste matters, even in a survival situation. Anything that will improve your “comfort” factor will work to your advantage. Once your water has been filtered and purified, it can be oxygenated to help improve the taste and palatability of your water. This can be done by simply pouring your water from one container to another a few times.

7. Always use the cleanest container possible for your treated water. - Putting clean water into a possibly contaminated container will defeat your original purpose. You will want to avoid re-contaminating your water after it has been filtered and purified.

8. Always repeat the filtration and purification process if necessary. - If there is any doubt in the quality of your drinking water once you have filtered and purified it, don’t be afraid to repeat the process. It’s better to take the time now to repeat the process and insure that it is safe for your consumption.

9. Always keep a means of water filtration and purification handy. - Your chances for survival will be greatly increased and you can stay ahead of the game if you keep some form of emergency water filtration and purification available.

10. Always carry some fresh drinking water with you. - This simple act may eliminate the need to obtain clean drinking water in the early stages of a crisis until a larger supply of safe water for your use can be obtained. This may save you critical time that may be required for more immediate needs such as treating injuries.

Water will always be a critical element for your survival.

Staying above the water line!


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