Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sweet Smell of Success for Survival

Quite often survival is a simple process of utilizing all of your resources to provide solution to your problems. We can often fail to utilize everyday things that could make a big difference in whether or not we succeed or fail in that process. There are few things that will give you a more positive feeling about your chances for survival than the sweet smell of success.

One of the main things that may be required in a survival situation is the ability to start a fire. What we fail to sometimes realize is that we may be carrying exactly what we need to reach a successful goal. In simple terms, a fire will require fuel as a basic component and we may already be carrying a fuel source without even realizing it.

Perfume or aftershave has alcohol as a significant constituent of their ingredients. Alcohol also makes an excellent source of fuel when you need to start a fire. It only takes a few drops of aftershave or perfume to make your firestarting efforts a success even if you don’t have a significant amount of tinder available.

While most guys don’t carry aftershave in their pocket, it might not hurt to keep a small bottle in the glove compartment or console just in case. Most of the ladies almost always have a small bottle of perfume handy in their purses and most won’t leave home or go anywhere for that matter without some type of perfume.

In a survival situation, it is important to remember that everything will become a multi-use item, even a bottle of perfume or aftershave.

Got Old Spice?



Anonymous said...

You can also use the waterless alcohol based hand cleansers for this - come in small pocket bottles made for this.

I would have not considered perfume though - that is a good idea.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 10:31

The hand sanitizer works as well but there are a lot of items that contain alcohol. Any or all of them would work in a pinch to keep you out of a bind.

Thanks anon.


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