Friday, January 27, 2012

Conserving Resources - Cooking in a Crisis

In a survival situation, it’s important to use the most effective solution that will create a positive difference in your situation. It’s the positive things you do that will help to offset the negative effects of any crisis. During any crisis, knowing a range of different options will allow you to make the most efficient choice when conserving your available resources. This is quite often a simple combination of the different options that are available which will save time and effort.

Cooking in a crisis can use up valuable resources very quickly. The preparation of meals can be a time consuming activity that can’t be avoided easily. Cooking can make your efforts more productive if you realize that there is a wide range of options to help keep the process simple and efficient by using a combination of cooking methods.

Certain cooking options, such as using solar power, can vary widely depending upon your geographic location but there are several that work great in combination with each other in spite of this fact. Different means of cooking can be integrated into a “cooking system” that will allow you a wider range of choice and additional options for cooking in a crisis. Any “cooking system” you can design using available your available resources will help you in cooking more efficiently. By using different cooking methods in combination, a significant savings in your available resources can be achieved. This can result in a dramatic difference when you are cooking during a crisis.

Does your meal need to be cooked or simply “warmed up”? Perhaps it just needs to be simmered and a “candle powered” stove will do the job. It may be as simple as using an insulated cooker to finish the cooking process that may help to conserve your resources. Always consider your options when cooking in a crisis; it can help you conserve valuable resources when they may be limited.

Got “cooking system” for a crisis?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

I keep several options open. From simple alcohol Trangia burners, to Optimus and Coleman white gas single burners. Bar-B-Que pit with about a cord of wood is stacked in the back. And finally propane stove in garage.

A lot of options, but long term SOLUTION - not yet. Fuel acquisition will become a problem (unfortunately, everyone has to eat).

Gaining foods that take little or no cooking - that would be very helpful.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:46

It sounds as if you've already have a lot of viable alternatives. Just the fact that you've already realized the need for a number of different alternatives is great.

Thanks anon.


millenniumfly said...

The distinction between cooking and simply warming up is definitely a distinction I hadn't considered. Thanks for bringing it up.

riverwalker said...

To: milleniumfly

Depending upon the type of food item, a full cook may not be necessary and will give you an opportunity to save resources that might be limited.



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