Friday, December 9, 2011

Simple Survival Gear Mods - Taking A Walk in the Dark - Lighting Up Your Hiking Stick

A stick is one of the simplest pieces of survival gear you can modify. You can put just about anything on a stick that you may need for your survival and do it in an inexpensive manner. With just a little imagination and creativity on your part, you can adapt your hiking stick to fit all of your survival needs. You can even light it up!

Now the easiest way to light up your hiking stick is to tape or strap a flashlight on it but your stick just won’t look right. Here’s a way to incorporate a flashlight on a stick that is not only very functional but won’t detract from the sleek, stream-lined appearance every survival gear enthusiast seeks when making their own survival gear.  It’s also an easy DIY project that most anyone can do with very little time and effort. 

All you need is a stick (this is a main component), a flashlight (this is the other main component) that has a removable end cap and is equipped with either a push button or slide switch on the barrel of the flashlight and a small screw to fasten the end cap to your hiking stick.

“Borrowing” Mrs. RW’s Streamlight Stinger for this project because hers has a plastic case, a drill wasn’t required to put a hole in the end cap, a small screw was then inserted through the hole and used to attach the flashlight end cap to the stick.  The flashlight was then screwed back on the end cap. That’s all there is to the assembly process...quick and easy. Some wood glue or Gorilla glue should be used for a more permanent installation.  The glue was left out of the process in this instance, just in case Mrs. RW decides she wants her Stinger back.

The flashlight is now the handle of the walking stick. The flashlight is still functional and it gives the stick a great customized look and feel. You'll also need to use a flashlight with a diameter that's fairly close to the diameter of your hiking stick for the best results.

Ready to take a walk in the dark...?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Thats a neat trick and a good way to keep a 'bug light' for walking the woods always handy.

Whats a bug light? Oh, one of those old school camping tools. Need a can with both ends removed (now a metal tube) and a hole drilled in center for candle insertion for light. Two holes on top for cord handle - now you have a light source that can be lowered to nearly ground level for walking at night. Was used quite a bit for going to outhouse after hours.

This flashlight idea is better though - thanks Riverwalker.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:49

I've used something similar to your "bug light" myself.

There's lots of ways to modify gear that can make it more useful. I've got several sticks with a variety of of these days I'm going to figure out how to combine it all into one really great hiking stick.

Thanks anon.


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