Monday, September 12, 2011

Tools for Survival - The Multi-Tool

While there are a lot of items that many people include as part of their survival gear, there are few that can match the usefulness of a good multi-tool. A good multi-tool is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks and functions and is available with a wide range of different tools that can serve as a tool box for your pocket.

Multi-tools come in a wide variety of sizes. Smaller versions are easily included in a personal survival kit or they can be simply carried in your pocket. Larger versions usually include a belt pouch which also make them easy to carry and readily accessible when needed.

Multi-tools also come with numerous configurations to fit most any need. Most come with a standard variety of tools that will get the job done. The most common tools included in a multi-tool include such things as pliers with wire cutting ability, a pair of folding scissors, one or two knife blades, a saw blade, a file, a can opener and different screwdrivers.

Versatility and usefulness in a wide variety of situations and circumstances and sizes to fit most any task makes the multi-tool a “must have” item for your survival gear.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Excellent post - whenever I go to pawnshops, I am surprised to see how many multi-tools are available for sale. The Leatherman Wave (about $50 NIB) go for around $20 or so, a major savings. You can score name brand for the price of Chinese knockoffs, basically.

A few Gerbers and others are also sometimes around - a good tool to have multiples of. Having something to tinker with is a major advantage.

millenniumfly said...

As the anonymous poster pointed out it is hard to beat a good Leatherman Wave. I've had one for years and love it.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:31

I've got key chain and pocket versions, as well as larger ones in both Gerber and Leatherman and a few other cheap brands as well. They can be found at yard sales for bargain prices that sometimes beat the pawn shops.

The multi-tool has advanced quite a bit in its design. My old Gerber is the kind that would pinch your fingers if you weren't careful. Don't use it much anymore but still keep it around.

I try to keep one in each glove box in every vehicle and in my GHB's and BOB's.

The best thing is that, except for my flashlight, it gets used almost everyday for a lot of routine fixes and repairs.

Thanks anon.


riverwalker said...

To: milleniumfly

A Leatherman Wave is hard to beat. The Micra version hangs on a couple of my key chains as well.

One of the best things is that a multi-tool is not very conspicuous when carried and doesn't get a whole lot of attention from others who may be around.



PreppingToSurvive said...

I've had one of the original Leatherman tools for 25 years or more. It's so old in fact that it doesn't have a name like Wave, etc. I don't think they still make it but it still works great.


riverwalker said...

To: Prepping to Survive

Still have my old Gerber...just don't use it as much now.

Less pinched fingers also...

Thanks Joe.


Alan Smith said...

Which Gerber is this? I have been looking at getting a Leatherman Multi-Tool based on a friend who has the Blast, but I am completely unsure which to buy. Ive been looking through this list but I am still as confused. The wingman looks a possibility. I am not going to use it for anything too strenuous, just general bits and bobs. Any help welcomed. Alan.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith - if you want a high quality multi-tool, check out the Swiss Army Spirit - built like a tank and is very difficult to break, like most Swiss Army products are.

If Leatherman is the preference, the Rebar for full size and Sidekick for smaller lighter sounds about right to me.

Good luck with your choice.

Jennifer Martin said...

The leatherman multi tool knife and other survival tools are perfect for everyday carry to outdoors and even can be sued for outdoors survival trips like camping, trekking and hiking as well.

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