Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Hard Case for Survival - Personal Protection During a Disaster or Crisis

Looting, civil disobedience and other crimes are quite often a part of any crisis or disaster. Those who have little or no respect for the law will have even less respect for you and your family. Law enforcement officials are sometimes simply overwhelmed with dealing with a disaster and there will be those that seek to take advantage of the situation for their own purposes. Failing to plan for this scenario can leave you in an unprotected situation when the risk of becoming a victim of crime can be a lot higher than in normal circumstances. One solution for this problem is the hard case.

The personal protection of yourself and your family should be a priority during a crisis or disaster as there will be those who realize that the response of law enforcement will be weakened or even non-existent by the increased burdens a crisis can place on their resources and their ability to respond in a timely manner to trouble. When or if it becomes necessary for you to bug out, you will need some form of personal protection in order to avoid becoming a victim.

Using a hard case as an option to provide an element of protection is a simple solution to this problem. It allows you to carry a means of personal protection that is easily accessible and available quickly if needed. Most have provisions for securing items in your hard case with a lock for additional safety when not in use.

You can also carry a few additional items in your hard case. A cleaning kit, a couple of extra magazines, a flashlight and a good fixed blade knife are just a few of your options. A hard case is a good “grab and go” option if you have to bug out in a hurry. Mrs. RW and myself both have hard cases for just such a scenario. Many hard cases are inexpensive (around $10 at the big box stores) or can be found at garage or yard sales for as little as $1.00.

Got hard case for survival?

Staying above the water line!



Dependant Rational Animal said...

I would prefer to have my protection on my hip or slung over my sholder rather than in a hard case.

vlad said...

A holster for the woman you care about.

The girl can draw concealed pistol and fire in under 2 seconds.

idahobob said...

For the extras (that are not slung or in a drop holster).....

Pelican is my choice.


Dave said...

Good article. Like idahobob, I'm partial to pelican cases.
Unfortunately, I live in an urban, liberal area of Canada, and getting caught walking around with a handgun, even locked securely in a case, will get you locked up pretty quick. Legally, you can only carry a hand gun directly to your range or a shop for repairs. Sure wish we had some of the laws found in the states. The only people up here who will be armed in an emergency are the crooks.
Anyway, enjoyed the post

riverwalker said...

To: Dependant Rational Animal

Unfortunately, open carry may attract more attention from LEO's than you may want. In my case, I would be carrying items in the back of my truck and want them stored in a manner that will keep them protected and be less conspicuous.

In addition, my line of work requires all firearms to be secured at all times unless authorized. Even LEO's such as DPS, SO and PD officers have to secure their duty weapons when on premises for safety and security purposes.



riverwalker said...

To: vlad

Mrs. RW has a nice shoulder rig for her 9MM if it is required.

Plus I've seen her pick up a .40 S&W and hit center mass almost "dead-on" at fifty feet without even flinching.

Thanks vlad.


riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

Even though I could walk down the street carrying a shotgun, probably be way too obvious if bugging out...hence my scabbard used to protect it but allow easy access. Same for my handguns.

I have a couple of other cases for other "gear" including a couple of small pelican cases.

Thanks Bob III.


riverwalker said...

To: Dave

In most situations, things probably won't be really bad in the early stages but could get worst.

Openly carrying a firearm will get you a lot of attention and as you many places will get you in more trouble than you need.

Thanks Dave.


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