Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Hard Case for Survival - Part Two - Protection and Portability

Storage that is both portable and has the ability to offer additional protection for your survival gear can add flexibility to your ability to be prepared. If a disaster or other crisis should happen unexpectedly, you will need to have all the necessary items ready at a moments notice. You need to realize that you will probably not have time to pack enough extra food and clothing items should the need to bugout arise.

The most important consideration when using hard cases for survival is the weight factor. Your hard cases should be used in such a manner as to reduce this factor. The weight factor will be greater as the size of your hard case increases without careful planning and making sure to pack your survival items in the proper manner.

Large hard cases work great for storing bulky items such as extra clothes and blankets without becoming so heavy they can be difficult to move or carry. Many hard cases are also stackable and often include a means to secure your items with a lock to offer a form of additional protection. Those made of heavy duty plastic can also add an element of water-proof protection as well. One large hard case can quite easily hold several days’ worth of extra clothes, footwear, blankets, etc. for a family of four without being excessively heavy or difficult to move. It’s also a lot easier to manage than 5 or 6 suitcases. When using a large hard case, it’s important to pack bulky but lightweight items in order to minimize the weight factor. 

A medium size hard case work great for those heavier items but still keeps the weight factor down to a manageable level.  Enough food to last a week can be easily packed into a small hard case and it will be there ready for your use even if you don’t have to bugout.

Smaller hard cases are great for protecting items that are smaller but just as important. Your important papers, ammo, seeds, etc. can all be stored in just a few small hard cases that can be kept readily accessible at all times.

Your storage options for survival can be greatly increased with the proper use of hard cases and having more options in a survival situation is always an important factor.

Got hard case?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Those Rubbermaid Action Packers rock - made for outdoor use for sure. If anything will be stored in attic or outside storage heat, I think metal is in order. Synthetics (I suspect) will degrade. Then again, metal can rust so there is a trade-off.

millenniumfly said...

I've got a few of the black and yellow bins you have pictured first and love them. They stack well and hold quite a bit. Only wished they locked.

John said...

Try dry boxes from Bass Pro Shop. They stack easily and aren't too large to carry.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:31

The Rubbermaid Action Packers are one of my favorites also...with a preference for the smaller versions.
They hold stuff securely, are fairly water-proof and have worked well for me.

I also use some smaller metal cases for specialized items.

Thanks anon.


riverwalker said...

To: milleniumfly

I like the way my black and yellow hard cases stack also and use a bungee strap or some zip ties to secure the lids. Mine have holes where you can place a lock but as bad as I am about keeping track of keys zip ties work just as well and can be easily removed with a blade.



riverwalker said...

To: John

Haven't tried the dry cases from Bass Pro Shop. Need t0 check them out and see how they work.

Thanks for the heads up!


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