Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seeds for Survival - The Emergency Seed Bank

True self reliance relies on a very important factor...sustainability. Gardening is one of the best ways to maintain a sustainable supply of food for a number of years. Having a supply of seeds for your garden will help you maintain a supply of food that will be essential to your long term survival.

One of the best solutions for maintaining a sustainable supply of food is gardening. The basic requirement for a garden is having plenty of seeds available. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a supply of seeds in an Emergency Seed Bank .

An Emergency Seed Bank can provide you with everything you need to keep your gardening efforts sustainable for a long period of time. It has all the important qualities necessary in a seed bank required for growing a sustainable garden for your survival.

One of the basic requirements for any seed bank is protection. This seed bank is packaged in a compact storage case that is 6” High x 8” Wide x 14” Long and doesn’t require a large amount of storage space. Storage space can be critical and being very compact is a definite plus. It is also water-tight and offers the added feature of lockable storage to provide additional protection and security for your seeds.

Another basic requirement is a wide variety of seeds to fit your needs. With a numerous variety of seeds, you can plant a garden that will provide the variety of food necessary for maintaining proper nutrition and healthy food for your family. This seed bank also offers high quality seeds that are non-genetically modified and are non-hybrid heirloom varieties.

Proper labeling of the seed packets is also a basic requirement and this seed bank satisfies that requirement nicely. With clear and definitive labeling on the package, you will have no problems in this area and will be able to keep track of the types and kinds of seeds in your seed bank. The packaging also provides the best storage possible for your seeds to maintain their viability and also offers the option of being re-sealable even after being opened. There won’t be any need to re-package your seeds once they have been opened.

Cost is another important quality when considering a seed bank and Mrs. RW checked out this department and being the ever so reliable family accountant gave this package a green “thumbs up” when it comes to value for your money. 

Almost as important as the seeds are the instructions necessary to plant and save your seeds successfully. Not everyone has a green thumb and having guides to help you achieve success with your gardening efforts is a big plus in any situation. This seed bank also includes a Growing Guide and a Seed Saving Guide. A definite requirement if you don’t have a green thumb.

With value for your money, secure and protected seed storage in a compact package, a wide variety of seeds in a more than adequate quantity and a capability of supplying the nutritional needs for you and your family, makes this seed bank an excellent addition to the basic items needed to make your survival gardening efforts a success.

There is only one negative thing that was experienced with this seed bank. Mrs. RW is now looking at my ammo storage boxes in a whole new light. Looks like there will be a definite need for more ammo boxes to keep her from confiscating mine for her own use.

Your long term survival will require long term solutions and having an Emergency Seed Bank will help you achieve that goal.

Got Emergency Seed Bank?

Staying above the water line!



fiwa said...

Thank you for the link - I have been planning on putting together my own seed bank, but I like the way this is packaged better.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, and I'm not intending it to be ugly because I noted the supplier who you've linked to has a sterling reputation, but how do you know what's in the bag? Mistakes happen, things get packaged incorrectly, etc., as with anything. Is it common practice to plant a few of the packets for results sake?

Anonymous said...

Thats a great way to keep your seed organized - thanks for this post. Do you have recommendations for what temperatures / conditions these seed banks should be stored? I'm imagining temperature extremes may be damaging.

riverwalker said...

To: fiwa

I liked the packaging and Mrs. RW has since requested a couple of ammo cans for some additional seed storage.

Thanks fiwa.


riverwalker said...

To: The Cottage Child

Generally the reputation of the supplier has a lot to do with it. They use check out the best and most reliable source. That having been said, I generally pick one or two bags at random and plant some of the seeds to check germination, growth and production rates to get a rough idea of how well they perform or any problems that may occur.

I'll be posting my results later since it will take a while to check out some of the seeds.



riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 6:27

Cool, dry and dark is the best.

Direct sunlight and excess humidity will adversely affect the germination rate of your seeds.

Your seed bank could be kept in a refrigerator and this will help to increase their shelf life by several years.

Saving the seeds from the plants you grow should give you a good renewal source of additional seeds, although it does require some effort to save them properly.

Dry them good, place in an envelope and then stick them in a sealed jar works pretty good.



Diggity Dog said...

You know what? I never really thought about how my seeds should be a part of my Go Kit. But instead of me tossing them in a shoe box like I currently do, it does make sense to stage them with my Go Kit. If things get so bad I want to abandon home base, I sure as hell want to have my seeds with me.

riverwalker said...

To: Diggity Dog

Sounds like you've got a good plan going...it makes real good sense.

If you have to Bug-Out, having your seeds with you is going to be a definite plus for your survival.

Thanks Diggity.


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