Friday, May 6, 2011

Win Free Gear for Your Survival Cache

As mentioned in Preparing a Survival Cache, there are a lot of necessary items that should be included in a survival cache. A couple of the essential items that should be included as parts of your survival cache are a good multi-tool and a quality LED flashlight. Here’s a chance for you to win that needed gear for your survival cache.

Stealth Survival has teamed up with Coast Products and we’re offering you a chance to win a free LED Pocket Pliers Multi-tool. This LED pocket-pliers™-multi-tool includes an LED light in the handle, pliers, wire cutter, main knife blade, and file blade with wire stripper, flathead screwdriver, awl, small flathead screwdriver, can opener with screwdriver tip, Philips screwdriver and wire stripper, saw blade, and scissors. It’s constructed of 440C stainless steel with sure grip rubber handle inlays, spring loaded pliers head for easy one-handed operation and is only 4 inches long in the closed position. The LED light features a simple click for constant operation and uses only two (2) CR1220 batteries.

So how do you win this great piece of gear? Simply leave a comment on this post and list the TOP TEN ITEMS FOR A SURVIVAL CACHE that you consider the most important. That’s all you have to do. On May 10th, a winner will be chosen at random from the comments received and will be notified in an article posted that day. If you comment anonymously, please leave some form of name identifier in your comments. Sorry guys but you won’t get it in time for Mother’s Day (May 8th). You’ll need to get her something else!

If you win, you will have 72 hours to respond by email to with shipping information so that your free gear can be sent to you. Your gear will then be shipped directly to you from Coast Products. Your information will remain confidential and will only be used in order to send you your free gear should you be chosen the winner.

Special thanks to Tom Huntington and Coast Products for their help with this giveaway.

Staying above the water line!



Shreela said...

My top 10 cache items:

1. Potable water in reusable container.
2. Portable water filter/cleaner
3. High density nutrition bars & a few MREs would last me quite a while
4. Multi-tool (heh)
5. Bug spray (I live in the south)
6. Mylar blanket for keeping warm, or reflecting heat (I guess we might signal for help with it, and collect rain water with it also)
7. Compass
8. Soap
9. Rope
10. Duct tape (repairs almost anything, including torn clothes or shoes, and could be used to secure dressings from cobwebs LOL)

Some of my choices might seem different, my disasters often include bug bites - one got so infected I couldn't stand to put weight on my toe until I finished antibiotics that almost made me toss cookies!

Anonymous said...

My list for south Texas:

1) steel pot (20oz-32oz).
2) GOOD knife.
3) hammock (sleep off ground).
4) bug net (for a good night's sleep).
5) tarp (cover from sun or rain).
6) two durable water bottles (2 liter soda works well)
7) good broke in boots (you need your feets :^).
8) good gloves (protect your hands).
9) machete (good multi-use tool / weapon).
10) tweezers (plant spine removal).

x0fx3 said...

In no particular order

1. Small sewing/repair kit
2. a few non lubricated condoms (for holding water)
3. Set of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, socks, belt)
4. Small first aid kit
5. Pound of rice and beans
6. Snare wire
7. Paracord 50ft
8. basic fishing kit
9. Spare batteries
10. Swedish firesteel

Anonymous said...

my 10--
1. 2Qts. water
2. protein bars
3. multi tool (mine are original leathermans)
4. space blanket
5. survival knife (mine is sog seal pup)
6. 22 caliber pistol (mine has 22 and 22 mag. revolver cylinders)
7. paracord
8. flashlight
10. homemade fire starters

Wyatt Trash said...

1. water
2. meal replacement bars
3. toilet paper
4. multi tool
5. blanket
6. knife
7. revolver (.22/.22 Mag or .357)
8. flashlight
9. disposable lighters
10. bandana

aeroflot said...

1. water filter
2. blanket
3. knife
4. matches
5. first aid kit
6. rope
7. line and hooks
8. hat
9. gun
10. ammo

warlock said...

1. tactical tomahawk. (serves multi purpose as firewood chopper, brush clearing and weapon)
2. "space blankets"
3. multi tool pliers
4. water containment vessels
5. good knife
6. compass/maps
7. food
8. tent/poncho/tarp
9. .22lr/wmr pistol
10. HAM amateur radio walkie talkie and means to recharge by sun. (I am licensed.
11. The WORD of GOD

sarahluker said...

I live on the upper gulf coast so I would probably take...
clean socks, matches or lighter, water bottles, berkey sport water bottle with filter, cook pot packed with dried and canned food of some sort, multi-tool, deep-woods off, portable crank radio, small tent, gun.
I guess technically I listed more than ten. Wanted more but...oh well.

TMM said...

1. Sport-bottle water filter (filled)
2. Fire starting device
3. fixed blade sheath knife
4. 100' para-cord
5. heavy duty poncho
6. emergency life boat food bar
7. first-aid kit
8. local map and compass
9. handgun w/ammo (probably rim fire for hunting)
10. change of clothes

Kellie said...

1. water filter with cup
2. good knife
3. paracord
4. bug spray/repellant
5. snare/fishing kit (fits in a small Altoids tin)
6. fire starter
7. small pot
8. freeze dried or dehydrated food; jerky, veggies, beans, rice (fits in pot)
9. socks
10. good walking shoes

I also have a small bible and plant ID book. A multi-tool would fit nicely! especially a GOOD one! :)

Ellen said...

1. water filter with cup
2. knife
3. duct tape
4. sewing kit
5. fishing kit
6. fire starter/lighter
7. small pot
8. freeze dried or dehydrated food
9. socks
10. mylar blanket
11. Multi-tool?

mdknighthawk said...

Top 10 items
2.Fire Kit
4.Fixed Blade Knife
5.First Aid Kit
6.Para cord
7.High Calery Food Bard
8.Canteen Cup 7 Spork
9. 22Cal. Handgun & Ammo
10.Space Blanker

aaroneous said...

I've always thought of using a cache for an extra set of ultralight backpacking supplies. In other words, enough stuff that you could access it having no gear prior, or access it as an addition to what you've got.

1. Tarp
2. Sleeping Bag
3. Fire starter
4. Titanium cup
5. Water bladder
6. Katadyn Hiker filter
7. Fixed blade knife
8. 100' Paracord
9. Food bars
10. Backpack to keep it all in

Pretty inconclusive list, but if you were starting from scratch, I think this would get you by. If you were already carrying gear, this might be good for the tag along who isn't as prepared, or for bartering, or for the mantra that "two is one and one is none."

By the way, I just found your site a few days ago. Great reading!

Bitmap said...

1. First Aid kit including items like sudafed, Ibuprofin, etc.

2. Water filter.

3. Small tool kit that would include pliers, knife, screwdrivers, Leatherman tool, knife sharpener, fire starter, etc., as well as some wire, tie wraps, duct tape, string, fishing line, or something similar. (So I cheated and put several things in one item - all the items would fit in one small bag or pouch.)

4. Some kind of shelter. Could be a tent or a tarp and appropriate materials and tools to create a shelter.

5. Storage food like sealed wheat along with a grinder.

6. Some storage food that requires little/no prep. SOS bars, MREs, etc.

7. Some bottled water.

8. At least one complete change of clothes including boots, gloves, hat, and a jacket suitable for the local area.

9. A firearm and ammunition.

10. Cooking kit. A pot, pan, utensils, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....interesting thought.I think I have a bit different idea of what a cache is.I thought,or believe,a cache is either something you'd bury to pick up later,if possible,or stuff that may be too much to carry to bug out with.My theory of cache is "don't hide anything you absolutely need",as it may not be there,may be inaccessable,or gone bad when you do find it.So,here's my list of goodies!
1. Rope,paracord,whatever.
2. a couple of cheap but sturdy knives. axe,maybe a roofing hammer,the universal tool
4. a decent size tarp for a tent or shade
5.a good metal canteen,as plastic can crack or degrade
6.Lighters.Matches won't last long,and a zippo or bic will make a spark after its gone dry.
7.A kids fishing set.Even a cheapo rod and reel with cheap lures for 10 bucks is better than none.Even a Barbie rod and reel!
8.A boy scout camp cookset.Like 6 pieces and will do anything.
9.Vise grips,cuts wire,a universal wrench,and a decent hammer in emergency
10.a cheapo medical kit.Comes with enough for the small things

Notice I didn't include guns or ammo,as I'd prefer not to lose them in a SHTF situation.Also notice there is no food,as you don't know if it will be good years from now.Those are what would be in my bugout bag,not a cache I may never see again.All of the items in my cache could easily be found at yard sales or the dollar store for less than 100 bucks on a good sale day.Many of the other item's you have listed are great idea's,as in water filters and such,but I want them on me,not waiting for me.What if you hid your cache in the middle of a SHTF storm? It's gone!
Dean in az

Anonymous said...

1water in reusable containers
2water purification tabs/filter
3ration bars/mres/long shelf live foods (fire starters)
4good knives
5compass/maps/communication devices/extra rechargable batteries
6extra clothes/rain gear/foot wear/hats/work gloves
7 tarps/plastic sheets/(tent) for shelter/blankets/sleeping bags
8first aid kit/sanitation kit/sewing n repair kits
9my tools roll bag/flashlights
10 weapons for hunting/fishing equip
items depend on season and number of kids we have at the time of evac. locations would be our cars family homes. even the office has a small cache. (all for an extended family group.)


fiwa said...

Great giveaway!

Here are mine, not in order.

1. sleeping bags good to 30 below zero (I live in Pacific NW)
2. water resistant hiking boots
3. water (including filteration or purification needs
4. freeze dried food bucket
5. First aid kit (we are building ours in a fishing tackle box)
6. Pots & pans
7. variety knives
8. guns & ammo
9. shovel
10. rope/duct tape

Man, it's hard to limit to 10!

A Cup of Hot said...

1. Water filter
2. Knife
3. Fire starting material
4. First Aid Kit
5. Paracord or some type of rope
6. Cooking Gear
7. Small tool kit
8. Solar rechargeable flashlight
9. Gun and ammo
10. Bow and some arrows

Rick said...

1. Lighters
2. Tarp
3. Knife
4. Compass
5. First Aid Kit
6. Backpack
7. Rope
8. Survival Book
9. Water Purifiers

And Ill buy outdoor gear online just to be safe!

Kathy Aston said...

My top 10 Cache items are:

1.Duct tape: great for bandaging, building and repairs
2.waterproof matches: A fire for warmth, cooking or smoke signals bar(s): to eat or trade
4.Multi tool: for camp chores and to make more tools.
5.Sun Screen: sunburn hurts and depletes your energy and resilience.
6.Bug repellant: for mental health and avoid disease and infections from bites
7.rope: Always good to have
8.tarp: for shelter
9.lightweight mess kit: to hold water and prepare food you find/catch
10.wool blanket - for warmth, can also make a head-sized slit in the middle and wear as a poncho

Just the basics here - but this stuff I have in my everyday carry kit in my car, along with a liter bottle of beans and rice mix, dollar store first aid kit and 2 liters of water, baseball cap and a change of clothes/shoes.

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