Thursday, May 19, 2011

Survival Semantics - The Backup

There are numerous sayings that relate to survival. Most are just simple reminders of the different things that can affect your ability to survive. These simple sayings are designed to relay an important message about actions that will increase your chances of surviving a crisis or a disaster.

One of the most popular survival sayings relates to the importance of having a backup. There are times when your plans, gear or other needed items will become lost, misplaced, broken or simply fail to work. Stuff happens and usually at the worst time possible. This is where having a backup will make a huge difference. Having a backup can be a real lifesaver in a bad situation.

In order to increase your chances of survival, remember this simple saying about the importance and need for a backup.

“Two is one and one is none.”

Got survival saying?

Staying above the water line!



idahobob said...

Redundancy is a beautiful thing!


Shreela said...

Totally agree! When we evac'd Rita, we had TWO blowouts. Fix-a-flat and one spare did not help. Ideally, we'd had brought a full-size spare, the tiny spare, and Fix-a-flat (just in case of a small leak).

And, our clutch got stuck too. Didn't have the red straw/stick thingee that comes with WD-40, so DH couldn't get the spray into the area that needed it. He had me tie his foot onto the clutch pedal so he could get to a store to buy another WD-40 just for the stick. It's attached with a rubber band now (the stick, not the clutch ROFL).

riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

You can never have enough backups...
It may seem like overkill until something gets lost, misplaced or breaks.

Thanks Bob III.


riverwalker said...

To: Shreela

Sounds like "Murphy" was hitchin' a ride with you.

Next time you have to evacuate because of a hurricane...leave him

Thanks Shreela.


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