Sunday, May 15, 2011

Survival Characteristics

These are some random thoughts about the different characteristics that a survivor will possess to varying degrees. Many of these characteristics are a part of their everyday lives and activities. They can be a determining factor in the ability to survive when your survival is threatened.

1.)  The Proper Mindset:

Survivors have the proper mindset. Survivors are able to see the reality of a situation when something bad happens and act accordingly. They are able to use good judgment, sound reasoning and common sense when dealing with any threat to their survival.

2.) Independent: 

Survivors are independent. Survivors readily accept the challenge of anything that threatens their survival and realize they may have to face that challenge alone.

3.) Innovative:

Survivors are innovative. Survivors will use any and all means available to them to deal with a situation that threatens their survival. Survivors will find a way to make whatever they need from whatever they have available.

4.) Resourceful:

 Survivors keep trying until they find a solution to the problem. They view everything as a resource that can be used for their survival.

5.) Self-reliant:

Survivors know they may find themselves in a situation where they may have to rely on their own skills and abilities to survive.

6.) Confident:

Survivors have confidence in their knowledge, skills and abilities. They know they have the ability to survive.

7.) Adapt:

Survivors feel secure in their ability to adapt to changing conditions in order to survive.

8.) Improvise:

Survivors seek to improvise a solution to their problems when their survival is threatened.

9.) Leadership:

Survivors are the leaders. They will find the path that will allow them to survive.

10.) Determination:

Survivors are determined. Survivors never quit because they realize that when it comes to their survival...losing is not an option.

Got survival characteristics?

Staying above the water line!



Blazing Toaster said...

Awareness is probably one of the most important characteristics, in my opinion, to survive. Aware of your body and it's capabilities and current status, aware of your surroundings to take care of possible conflicts or opportunities. I cut my finger pretty deep yesterday because I wasn't totally aware of where the blade could go if it slipped like it did..

Sort of the same thing going with awareness. These characteristics feed off each other. Patience should have obvious benefits. But one of the most useful thing about patience sometimes is just that it helps keep yourself and others calm. Which is another characteristic in itself but similar enough to where it shouldn't need an in depth explanation either.

riverwalker said...

To: Blazing Toaster

Two very excellent additions!

Thanks Blazing Toaster.


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