Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simple Survival Gear Mods - Sticks for Survival - Part Four

Increasing the versatility and usefulness of your survival gear is usually quite simple. It often takes only a slight modification to add additional function to your gear. A common piece of low-tech gear which numerous people use is a simple walking or hiking stick. One of the easiest ways to improve your hiking stick is to turn it into a survival stick.

Most everyone is familiar with the concept of a tripod. Simply put, three legs give you added stability. This is a primary reason for the use of walking and hiking sticks because it gives you this advantage of a third leg. Another advantage of a stick is that it can give you the ability to increase your reach and with a simple gear mod it can even become a third hand. This will give you a tremendous advantage in a number of situations that frequently happen during walking or hiking, especially in a wilderness environment.

The rather simple task of adding a hook to your survival stick will turn it into a third hand if needed. Now a good stick can extend your reach but without a way to grab and hold onto that item, you may just be out of luck. With a simple hook added, you will have a better chance of snagging that needed item and hanging onto it long enough to pull it within easy reach of your hands. You can even use it to hold brush, tree limbs and branches out of the way while hiking. It can also be stored in the accessory pouch on your survival stick if desired or left on as a convenient way to hang your hiking stick on a wall when not in use.

Many times people have found themselves disabled due to an injury that impaired their mobility or they’ve quite literally been caught between a rock and a hard place without a way to reach their pack or needed gear item. A stick with a hook is a simple way to avoid this problem. Even items that have been accidentally dropped into what might be an otherwise inaccessible place can sometimes be retrieved by a hook on a stick.

With a low cost (less than a dollar in this case), minimal added weight and an installation time of only a few minutes, adding a hook to your hiking stick is a great gear mod.

Staying above the water line!



Ken said...

...another good one...

riverwalker said...

To: Ken


I think there are few more people might like to use...probably cover those later.


Wannabemountainman said...

I found the walking stick tips to be very informative. I've reposted it in our forum, , with links back to you.
Our forum is for information purposes only, and is open to all.
I hope this is OK.

riverwalker said...

To: Wannabemoutainman

It's fine with me to repost it in your forum and I'm honored that you found the post informative.



Anonymous said...

I never had though of this until reading it. I live in a city/ suburban area so if I find my self beading an item on a high ledge or shelf its a great idea. It could also have some self defense properties

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