Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guns and Gear - Mrs. RW's Shoulder Holster

It's important to include gear for all your family members. This is a shoulder holster that was part of some surplus military gear purchased recently. It turned out to be a perfect fit for the compact Taurus 9mm that was obtained for Mrs. RW's use. Like most of the ladies out there she could hardly wait to try it on (You would of thought she just got a new dress or something!) and get it adjusted just right. This shoulder harness turned out to be just right for her. She might wind up turning into a "gear junkie" yet!

A shoulder harness rig is a great piece of gear for your gun if you plan on concealed carry or if you don't like wearing a belt holster. My own personal choice is a belt holster but that's just my particular preference.

This particular shoulder rig was lightweight and after the straps were adjusted Mrs. RW said it felt very comfortable. It appears to be new and unused and there were no labels marking the type or brand but it should be a fairly durable piece of gear. It also fit Mrs. RW well once she had adjusted the straps.

Got gear for the little lady?



idahobob said...


We must NOT leave our DW's out of our prep purchases, 'cause, she will probably be the one watching our 6 and visa versa.

We are partners......remember?


hippie_mama said...

This looks great! The problem with ladies wearing hip holsters is uh...we tend to bump into things with our hips! So smart choice, going with a shoulder holster instead. It should be far more practical for her.

Anonymous said...

My wife has some hosters, but none shoulder. Her build is a little too 'busty' to reach across and draw comfortably. Too, her hips are a little too wide for strong side carry - the holster is slanted muzzle out, meaning she would have to pull the handgun out against her body. Small of back - she didn't like it, and its very hard to be seated comfortably with that handgun pressed against your back. The best we have found for her is crossdraw.

I guess is what I'm saying is to make sure the person's physical features fit the application. I'm glad your wife is happy with her choice. I have a pretty large drawer full of holsters I used to wear.

riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

I try to include Mrs. RW in most things and a lot of gear I've managed to come across has somehow been "claimed" by her or RW, Jr. I'm just glad that this holster worked quite well when she got it adjusted. It does seem to have more adjustment points than some rigs I've seen and may be due to the fact that it is military surplus.

Thanks bob.


riverwalker said...

To: hippie_mama

I think Mrs. RW has a similar frame of mind and doesn't want to pack any more on her hips than absolutely necessary.

Thanks hippie_mama.


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 10:59

It's amazing that this is the only shoulder rig I've purchased. I've had a preference for belt holsters that hasn't changed over the years.

This did work out well for Mrs. RW and fit nicely under her armpit with good access.

I agree that sometimes your physical proportions can be a big factor in the functionality of your gear.

Thanks anon.


Eric said...

Great looking holster; my wife and I prefer shoulder style. The challenge is that here in Texas it's awful hot to wear a covering garment unless it's the dead of winter.

Any ideas from the RW crowd?

Great post!

riverwalker said...

To: Eric

You might want to try one of those lightweight windbreakers that doesn't have a lining. Cover fairly well and might work well for you.



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Sowpath das said...

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Sowpath das said...

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Rick said...

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