Monday, February 28, 2011

Prepping Project - DIY Wood Storage Rack

One of my recent prepping projects that was recently completed was a wood storage rack. It was built with some used lumber "scrounged" from a construction site. It's approximately six foot long and about eight feet across at the top. It was made two feet wide to accommodate standard cord length for firewood. This was made to fit on the back porch for my daughter as a place to store some firewood in a place that would be dry and out of the rain.

The outward supports were done at an angle as straight supports have a tendency to bow out from the sides due to the weight of the wood. By angling the outward supports, the weight is focused towards the bottom. The end supports do require some extra bracing to make them sturdy and were attached with some carriage bolts to make them even more secure (see above pic). This allows easy access to the firewood without the need for cross bracing at the top of the rack.

Now all my son-in-law has to do is fill it up with firewood!

Do you scrounge?

Staying above the water line!



Matthew said...

You shared an awesome wood storage racks. One type is for use outdoors and one is for using outdoors and both have different functions. Thank you!

BizarkDeal said...

HIO Firewood Rack from Bizarkdeal

The HIO All-In-One Heavy Duty Hearth Firewood Rack With Fireplace Tools Set, 18"Wide x 27.5"Tall Log Holder is extremely reliable. This wood rack came nicely packaged, and was well protected during shipping. After opening the box I saw the item came with clear instructions and was very easy to assemble with only a screw driver. The log holder took me a total of five minutes to put together. It is made of strong metal that seems difficult to bend. There are two shelves the top with metal slats, and the bottom a solid piece of metal. This feature is great because it helps preven wood chips from getting on the floor. It also has a protective coating on it which makes it rust resistant. The hooks for the tools were built into the sides making them strong and durable. The tools themselves are very well built. The bristles on the broom were a little bent from how they were wrapped for shipping, but it is so minor that I didn't think it would change the review. This item has a lovely design and would look great either in a home, or even out in a garage.

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