Saturday, February 26, 2011


While you could always scrounge around and find what you may need in a survival situation, a little advance preparation doesn’t hurt. Even though most survivalists know your first line of defense, lacking anything else, is to be properly dressed for current weather conditions (or changing weather conditions), it doesn’t hurt to have a few basic additional items to make survival a little easier. This is where K.O.P. is important.

What’s K.O.P.? It means Keep On Person. By keeping a few basic items on your person at all times, you can hopefully get a head start if survival becomes a priority. It is sometimes referred to as E.D.C. (Every Day Carry) but has a basic difference in that is a refined form of EDC. While EDC items may vary greatly, your K.O.P. items should be a priority and considered basic essentials which need to be kept on your person at all times and regardless of the situation.

Daily survival will often involve a number of certainties that happen on a regular basis and having a few necessary items will help you meet those daily challenges. So here is my list of the items that are considered basic items for K.O.P.


1. A good knife and a multi-tool. When you need a tool, you need a tool.

2. A good flashlight that is small and lightweight but can provide sufficient light if needed. When it gets dark, you will definitely need it.

3. A bandana or handkerchief. A bandana has a multitude of uses…don’t leave home without it.

4. A means to start a fire. A simple lighter or a good firesteel will solve your problem if you need a fire.

5. A whistle. It’s sure to get attention if you need help.

Now wait a minute! This sounds just like EDC. Close but not quite. While water and some simple food items are part of my EDC, they aren’t a part of my K.O.P. Having a jug with a couple of gallons of water in my vehicle at all times is important but I don’t plan on carrying a gallon of water around all day long. The same goes for the goodie bag of food items. While these are essential EDC items, you don’t necessarily have to keep them directly on your person at all times (although I know a few people who actually do walk around with a bottle of water in their hands most of the day).

There are certain items you will always need and keeping them readily available won’t hurt your chances for survival.

Staying above the water line!



One Fly said...

I need to get a whistle that is for damn sure. The belt loop device in your picture is not the best as they can break and catch on things. Belt loops can tear off as well.

Other than that of course yes to all this RW'er.

Darby said...

Hey RW,

Just wondering about your flashlight in the picture: brand, price, website link and a personal review of how you like it. Love your blog- a daily reader for me, thank you for it!

riverwalker said...

To: One Fly

You can pick up a decent whistle in the boating section at Wally, flat and cheap!



riverwalker said...

To: Darby

It's an iTP Eos A3. Just check my posts under Gear for my review. Great little flashlight...lightwieght, waterproof, and uses only one AAA battery. Good battery life also...I.m out and about a lot at night and it's been a real lifesaver for me.



BTW: This upgaded version has three different beam settings...

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