Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gardening for Survival - The Container Gardening Option

One of the best options for your survival is having a garden but it can be severely limited by many factors. Lack of space, poor soil or extreme weather conditions are just some of the problems that can limit your ability to have a successful garden. Add in the fact that you may be an apartment dweller with no yard, an urban homesteader with limited yard space for a garden or even a rural homesteader plagued by poor soil and an abundance of weeds and you have even more reasons to use container gardening. This option is a valuable resource for your survival.

Why is container gardening one of the ultimate survival solutions? The main reason is that it is of value to everyone no matter where they live or how much space they have available. If you suffer from lack of dirt (i.e., concrete patio or a second story balcony), you can still have a successful garden by putting your efforts into container gardening.

Container gardening also offers you portability in your gardening efforts. Plants can be moved or placed so as to maximize available sunlight, take advantage of that brief rain shower or avoid temperature extremes. You even have the option of hanging your plants to further maximize your available space. Container gardening also allows you to more easily control soil conditions, especially if you live in an area with very poor soil quality or soils that are not suited to particular plants. A container gardening is simply a great way to grow a garden.

Lacking a large backyard or having only a small patio, porch or just a balcony doesn’t have to limit your gardening efforts if you use container gardening. In some cases, container gardening may be the only viable option you may have if limited space is your problem. It also gives you the option for year round fresh vegetables if extreme temperatures are a problem and can help those with poor soil conditions to successfully grow a wide variety of plants.

Got plants in pots?

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John said...

It's wonderful that gardening offers so many options and flexibility, isn't it?

Ken said... 'maters and peppers always did better in buckets(really all i grow these days...for now,got seed tho)anyway,maybe this will be the year to finish the raised beds for some real gardening???

riverwalker said...

To: John

Lots of options may it easy for anyone to grow some type of vegetables to enhance their food supplies.

Thanks John.


riverwalker said...

To: Ken

I've got a fairly large yard in town but still use the greenhouse and available indoor space to increase the amount of stuff that I have growing as much as possible.

Thanks Ken.


Anonymous said...

ideas about growing food plants indoors?

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