Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Survival Mindset - Instincts and Skills

Learn to trust your instincts and to rely upon your skills. These have the ability and the capacity to change your life from merely surviving to actually thriving in a survival scenario. Many people lose touch with their basic survival instincts when they become too comfortable and complacent in their daily lives. Staying connected to your basic instincts and being able to depend upon your skills and abilities when needed are important factors of the survival mindset.

Everyone has a similar desire and need to feel safe and comfortable. Feeling safe and protected is a common goal we all seek. When this feeling of being safe and protected is achieved, we can then begin to thrive and not merely survive. It is the fulfillment of these needs and desires that quite often contributes the most to our feelings of being alive. A proper survival mindset, when combined with your skills and abilities, will allow you to achieve this basic need to feel safe and protected.

All the basics items necessary for our survival contribute to our feelings of being safe and protected. Shelter can protect us from the elements of nature and fire can give us both light and warmth. Food and water can protect us from hunger and thirst. The survival mindset will kick in when these qualities are absent. Your instincts will cause you to seek out the necessary environment that will allow you to restore your feelings of being safe and protected. Your abilities will allow you to achieve them.

Staying above the water line!



Dustin Tarditi said...

1) Don't panic
2) Accept and become comfortable with your environment. If it's "man vs nature" mindset, nature wins every time... everything you need to survive is there, if you open your mind and observe your surroundings
3) Get out of the rut and avoid tunnel vision - "wide-angle vision" is critical to survival.

Ken said...

...can't stress unuff of proper mind set...and remember,whether you think you can,or think you can't,yer probably right!

...practice sure wouldn't hurt tho...

michbowguy said...

hey, that sounds like one of my latest articles!
very well written.
check mine out also at my site brother.

michbowguy said...

sorry, here it is...


riverwalker said...

To: Dustin

I also agree that avoiding the panic mode is essential.

Great saying: "wide-angle vision" is critical to survival.

Thanks Dustin.


riverwalker said...

To: Ken

You can never practice enough.

Thanks Ken.


riverwalker said...

To: michbowguy

Read your post on the Survival mindset..good stuff. I was also glad to see that someone has used rivercane to make arrows...wrote a post mentioning this sometime back.

Good stuff on your blog!

Thanks michbowguy!


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