Sunday, October 17, 2010

Senior Survival Solutions - Handles and Wheels

It’s a simple truth of life that as we get older our bodies aren’t capable of performing tasks as well as when we were younger. Even if you’ve managed to avoid some of the things that plague us as we get older, your body will still impose certain limitations on your abilities. Being prepared to handle these limitations can help you survive an emergency or crisis. Even younger family members may have limiting disabilities that need to be addressed prior to an emergency.

Many families have senior members who have infirmities that may limit their physical abilities but have many of the same needs as younger members without these limitations. One such need is the bug out bag or get home bag depending upon your particular view of things. There is always the possibility that you will need to leave the safety and comfort of your home due to the need to evacuate because of an emergency.

Being somewhat older myself, if you consider being 60 old, I can handle a bug out bag that weighs a considerable amount (upwards of 40 pounds) quite comfortably. Mrs. RW on the other hand can’t and prefers to use a luggage carrier with handles and wheels. This takes quite a load off but still has very functional portability. While backpacks can be the ultimate in portability and ease of carry, a bag that has a handle and wheels can be a blessing for someone who may have arthritis or lack the physical strength to lug a heavy bag around on their shoulders.

I also use a bag with handle and wheels for those heavier items that would have a tendency to put a strain on even my physical abilities. The bag pictured above is one of those insulated soft-sided coolers that I use to carry extra food and water if we have to bug out (it also works well for those weekend get-togethers that are popular in my family). At 8.6 pounds per gallon, even a small amount of water will get real heavy very quickly and a bag with wheels and a handle lightens the load considerably.

Addressing the total needs of your family members should include those family members that have limitations on their abilities. Whether their limitations are from age, injury or illness, there are simple survival solutions for them as well.

Staying above the water line!



One Fly said...

I can being the same age RWer still get it done like you. How long that lasts I don't know but I hope for another 10 or so anyway.

riverwalker said...

To: One Fly

I am in fairly good shape physically and don't have to deal with things like diabetes, high blood pressure or arthritis but many of my family members do have problems of this nature.

How long that will last for me is unknown but I figure the adjustments can be made when it becomes necessary.

As long as I can hold a fishing pole, I will be a survivor!

Thanks One Fly!

Anonymous said...

I forget where I saw it, but they recommended looking at the Stanley Fat Max rolling tool box, about $60 at Loews. Designed for carrying tools, rated for quit a load, certainly enough for one person to haul. Or two with a crossbar handle.

Water is going to be major one for us

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 2:20

There are a number of things that can work and most anything with wheels and a handle that are designed to carry items will be sufficient in most cases.

The best solution for water is to carry a small amount of calcium hypochlorite (pool shock) for water treatment purposes.

Enough water for more than a few days will be extremely difficult to haul without a trailer. If you are limited in carrying capacity, a couple of large 5 gallon water cans will help you carry additional water in a manageable amount. Several cases of bottled water would work also.

Thanks anon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply Riverwalker, I was considering a bicycle with several 'jerry cans' astride the frame. Can fit a pair of them side by side, about 20 gallons. Thats more than 160 #s, waaay more than my back could carry.

idahobob said...

Ya know, RW, when I was in my 20's, I considered 60, REALLY old. But since I've been here, I don't feel old.

It's weird, I don't not know how to act 60. I exercise (body weight, walk) 6 days a week. I lift weights 4 days a week. I hunt, fish, garden, camp, and I really do not feel old.

I just pray that the old bod keeps going for a while, so as not to be overwhelmed when the ol' SHTF.

Take care and watch yer 6


Jack said...

Riverwalker. I really like this idea. I have even seen several of those mid sized suit cases with backpack straps on them. I always look at them when I see them in the store or when I travel on business and someone else is hauling it behind them, and say to myself that this might make a good Bug Out solution because it is more versatile than just a suitcase or a backpack giving you the option to haul it or wear it on your back depending on the terrain, etc. Great post!

vlad said...

On Bison Survival Blog we discussed the elderly in survival situations.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:35

Bicycles work for me...fairly fast means of transporting a load without killing your yourself physically and you don't need to stop and refuel. Just a rest stop once in a while...

Thanks anon.


riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

I'm actually surprised at many of those in the younger generation who seem less able than myself. I sometimes wonder if high-tech has created a mindset among youth that involves no work, as many seem a stranger to it.

Thanks bob.


riverwalker said...

To: Jack

Thanks. A backpack with wheels seems like a decent solution to the problem. Most obstacles can be overcome with a little forethought and planning. I figure if the worst happens you could always tie a rope to your pack and drag it if necessary.

Thanks Jack.


riverwalker said...

To: vlad

Checked out Bison's post and really liked your idea for a solar powered bike.

Now if they made an "all-terrain" motorized wheelchair...

Thanks vlad.


vlad said...

Maybe more than you wanted to know

A man on electric bike going uphill

electric adult tricycle

Husky heavy duty three wheel bike

You may install a Phoenix Brute electric wheel on any

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