Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Advanced Prepping 101 - Part One - Beyond the Basics

While most advocates of being prepared center their attention on being prepared for at least 72 hours, there are those times when those preparations may not be sufficient or the situation may require more advanced preparations. Unfortunately, not all disasters or crisis situations run on a strict timetable. It is for these situations that you may need to go beyond the basics and do some advanced prepping.

Advanced prepping should be concentrated in the main areas that will affect you and your family. Depending upon your individual circumstances, the needs of your family that will require advanced prepping will vary to a much greater degree than involved in basic prepping. While being prepared for at least 72 hours will put you ahead of the majority of people once you have the basics covered, you may find a need to do some advanced prepping that will help you survive a crisis or disaster scenario that becomes more than a short term event. This will put you in an even better position to deal with the effects of a long term survival situation.

Your family’s need for things like shelter, sustenance (food & water), safety and security will still be present should a disaster or crisis become a major, long-term event. Eventually, even during a worst case scenario things will gradually begin to return to normal as order in your life is restored. It will be your ability to manage those long term needs that will serve you and your family the best.

Advanced prepping will require more time, money and effort on your part and should be done in a manner that will not disrupt the daily life of you and your family. Your efforts will need to be focused on dealing with the essential items for your survival. Planning to survive for the long term without endangering your short term needs will be critical. Your planning will need to be even more specific and developed in greater detail in order to accomplish the additional requirements for your long term survival.

Extended power outages, a lack of sufficient water and food or even an improved type of shelter for more than a short period of time may become essential and critical to you and your family’s survival in the long term. The best thing about advanced prepping is that many people have already done some advanced prepping in these different areas. This will give you an even better start when proceeding with your plans for advanced prepping.

The next installment in this series will be:

Advanced Prepping 101-Part Two-Long Term Shelter

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Riverwalker, this is where 'the rubber meets the road' info. Where the BOB contents begin to show some needed additions.

For us, its electricity. Most of us Texans realize that living here, especially in summer / early fall, is a huge problem without it if you have medical needs of it. For some, its bottled air or even a CPAP at night. And air conditioning *groan* I'd hate to be without THAT in the heat of the day.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:15

Surviving the Texas heat in the summer is close to impossible without some means of cooling your environment...

If you really want to get into some serious prepping, it's going to require serious dedication on your part.

Thanks anon.


BTW, Sorry for the slow response to your comment. Been seriously busy the last couple of days.

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