Friday, June 25, 2010

Survival Skills Inventory

The main purpose of any inventory is to keep track of what you have and what you need. Knowing these two things can help you plan for or correct any items that may be lacking in your inventory. While most people have and keep a fairly good account of their survival gear, firearms, ammunition, and food and water supplies, they often fail to assess their survival skills. Skills can be an important asset in any survival situation.

The ability to do improvised or expedient repairs to your home in the event of catastrophic damage from a storm is just one example of where your skills can help you restore order and normalcy to your life after such an event. Knowledge, training and experience in any of a number of fields will be invaluable when needed. Carpentry, plumbing, or electrical skills are intangibles. You will always have them when needed and only need practice to keep them viable and useful. Even the most basic and rudimentary skills will be an asset.

Many types of injuries can be treated by learning basic first aid. Yet a large number of people do not realize that a band-aid won’t always fix the problem. The lack of proper emergency services may become widespread in a disaster or crisis and can be devastating if you are unable to handle even the simplest and most minor of medical emergencies with a degree of confidence. The ability to render basic first aid should be a priority for your inventory of skills.

Any failure of the infrastructure of your community can be equally dangerous to your survival. Should the municipal water system have problems, the need for drinking water can create major problems. Do you know how to treat your water with the proper filtration and purification techniques? This is a must have survival skill! You will need water in any survival situation.

Basic mechanical skills should also be included in your list. Simple things like being able to change a flat tire on your vehicle safely and efficiently may save your life. Being able to perform even simple tasks through the proper and safe use of your tools may make a big difference. An accident caused by the unsafe or improper use of any tool can only lead to further problems. In a crisis or disaster situation, the last thing you will need is additional problems.

Proper skills in the safe use of your firearms are also another priority. Improper use of any type of firearm can have serious or even deadly consequences. Training and practice in the safe use of firearms will help you avoid unintended consequences that could lead to additional problems of a very serious nature.

Gardening skills will also have a great benefit as well. If your food supplies run low, become damaged or are simply contaminated, can you raise your own? Can you build a simple cold frame or a raised bed for a garden?

Don’t forget cooking skills! The preparation of even some of the simplest meals will require basic cooking skills. Without cooking skills, you could waste important food resources that may be critical to your survival.

Even the simplest skills can be combined with each other to give you the edge in a survival situation. Alone or in a combination, you will ultimately need a variety of skills in a number of different areas to give you the best chance for survival. Take an inventory of your skills and you may be surprised at just how many you do have!

Got skills for survival?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Here is a skill we all need: Wheat! The number one food storage item. What are you going to do with it if power and NG is out and you don't have a wood stove. Yes you have a wood fire and pots and pans, etc. Yes I am aware of a handful of things you can do with flour over a campfire, but if you have 400 lbs of wheat and not much else what can you do? Do you have a good recipe with no shortening, sugar, baking powder or yeast and no oven?

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 10:22

Knowing how to build a stove that can be powered by a wood burning fire is a great skill to have in your skills inventory.Thanks.


joecoles said...

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