Monday, June 7, 2010

Knowledge - A Recipe for Survival

Knowledge that is supported by the proper skills and practical experience can save your life. This is an essential aspect of any survival situation. The fear and confusion that arises during a time of crisis often leaves people wondering what to do next. As a result of this type of thinking, there are many who do absolutely nothing and allow their fear and confusion to cloud their thought processes. In a survival situation, your thinking needs to be clear and directed at your immediate problems in order to get you moving in the right direction. Your survival may depend on your knowledge.

There is a simple truth in the statement that knowledge is power. Knowledge can give you the power to overcome disasters, both small and large, that can affect your daily life. While knowledge is a key ingredient, it is only a part of the recipe for survival. Knowledge requires additional ingredients to support it in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Skills that involve the practical application of your knowledge will provide the necessary backup to insure the implementation of your knowledge in the most practical and efficient manner possible. This will give you the edge that may mean the difference in your survival.

Don’t discount the value of your experience. Experience is a hard teacher and teaches us what will work and what doesn’t. These are often lessons that are learned the hard way. Experience is simply the knowledge of our previous actions. It is often a harsh reminder of how we have failed to properly apply our knowledge in a wide variety of circumstances.

Knowledge alone won’t save you. It needs the support of a good set of skills and a decent amount of experience to help you survive what comes your way.

Knowledge + Skills + Experience = A Recipe for Survival

Staying above the water line!



chinasyndrome said...

RW,that is the smartest advice there is.Failures are not failures they showed you what didn't work.2 or 3 failures will show what works great.But you need knowledge and practice too find it.


riverwalker said...

To: chinassyndrome

It's good to remember that we need to learn from our failures...that way we will learn our weaknesses and not make the same mistake again.

Thanks CS!


BTW, sorry for the slow response. Been busy with work lately.

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