Thursday, May 27, 2010

Natural Camouflage - Blending in Naturally Part 5

Mountain Trail

Many times when out hiking a mountain trail or traveling through the woods people fail to notice things because Nature has designed it that way. There will be other things present you may be unaware of simply by failing to see what others don't.


Many times there are a number of creatures present in your environment that go unnoticed simply because we fail to use our powers of observation. RW, Jr. managed to get this great pic of a grouse while hiking up a mountain trail in New Mexico. These birds blend in quite well with their surroundings and will require close attention on your part if you want to find them.

Grouse in Pine Tree

Once the bird became aware of RW, Jr.'s presence, it immediately took flight up into a nearby pine tree. Even in a fairly exposed position in the tree, it can be still quite difficult to see. even in such an open position it blends in well with it's surroundings.

Grouse Close-Up

Here's a close-up pic of the grouse that RW, Jr. took before he moved on up the mountain trail. He was headed on up to the snow line.

Snow Line on the Mountain

My special thanks to RW, Jr. for these great pics!

Got powers of observation?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Very good tip on finding birds in the forest - look for a PEAR SHAPED object. Birds freeze in position, but they can't hide their profile, and looking for that shape will help you spot them. They like to keep an eye on the potential predator, so they often profile their shape (side view).

Bringing them to pot - thats another thing entirely, lol.

Did it MY way said...

Great pictures.

I have found when a Grouse is flushed they usually only fly a short distance. Watch the direction of flight and head in that direction.

Yes the do taste good.

See Ya.

riverwalker said...

To: anon 7:24

Fortunately, RW, Jr. had just had a meal so this grouse didn't have much to worry about.

On the other hand, if RW, Jr. had a shotgun...

In the pic it does look like that grouse was eye-balling RW, Jr. pretty close.

Thanks anon for the great comment!


riverwalker said...

To: Did it My Way

RW, Jr. said this grouse flew darn near straight up into the branches of a nearby pine tree. After a while, it then kind of glided away towards a brushy area that was a pretty good distance off the trail. It seems that the grouse was well aware of its surroundings and wasn't about to take a chance.



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