Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Survival Pajamas

You’re resting comfortably and suddenly the worst happens. Someone steals the covers as you’re sleeping. One of the worst survival situations you can find yourself in is having someone steal the covers on a cold night. Fortunately, using some polypropylene thermals as pajamas will save you from a cold night. A good pair of wool socks won’t hurt either!

You can save a little money also if you keep your thermostat turned down and use your polypropylene thermals to help keep you warm while inside the house on a cold day.

They also make you a lot more comfortable if you have to leave home in the middle of the night and the temperatures outside are a little frosty. Throw on some outer garments and grab your jacket and you’re ready to go. This makes them a multi-use item!

Polypropylene thermal undergarments work well as survival pajamas. They’re lightweight and wick moisture well and dry quickly. The inside is a soft polypropylene fleece which makes them really comfortable. Polypropylene thermal undergarments are part of the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) used by the military.

Polypropylene thermals aren’t usually referred to as pajamas but they work a lot better than a “snuggie”!

Got PJ’s for survival?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Yep, have a coupla of pairs of those Wal-Mart long sleeve undershirts for just these occassions, lol. Weird how you wake up and you suddenly become aware of how cold you are - your goosepimples got goosepimples.

Those tall bootsocks come in handy as well, especially if you have hard floors . . .

Stay warm Riverwalker.

Stephanie in AR said...

Hey! when did you turn into a peeping tom? Got to get my frozen self some of those warm jammies.

Anonymous said...

Hate to rain on your parade but you need to stay away from heat sources/open flame. Polypropelene is ridiculously flamable respectfully Leo

Bitmap said...

I have to tuck the blankets in on my side of the bed near the foot so they don't crawl off to the other side of the bed during the night.

We wear a lot of sweatshirts and sweatsuits around our house in the winter.

idahobob said...

Nah bro, I can't wear P.J.s. As I am a fairly restless sleeper, they get all wadded up around me and then I wake up in a panic.

The only time that I can wear anything like P.J.s is when I am in my mummy bag and then I wear sweats.

As for the midnight blanket thief....If ya got a Queen size bed, have King size blankets. If ya got a King Size bed, and the thief still insists in hogging the blankets, put both of yer feet on the offending partners' butt,shove hard and swiftly and eject them onto the floor. After a few of said treatments, they won't hog the blankets anymore. Of course, taking such drastic action could be detrimental to the congenial atmosphere of your household.

So, you might want to have a little talk with the offending party, during the day, before starting such an action.


Anonymous said...


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 12:00

We're fixing to go from refrigerator temps to deep freeze temperatures in my area. Just need to be prepared.

Thanks anon!


riverwalker said...

To: Stephanie in AR

When those arctic cold fronts roll in and the temperatures really drop, it can sure make a difference to have a good set of thermals.

Thanks Steph!


riverwalker said...

To: Leo

You're right about watching out for open flames but they sure are comfortable and work well under a god pair of jeans. Thanks for the reminder Leo...I'll be careful.


riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

Mrs. RW likes the sweat pants also but always seems to find a pair of my wool socks! LOL

Thanks my friend!


riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

You're kidding right? I wouldn't "survive" very long if I did that!LOL

Thanks Bob!


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 4:38

Sounds like a good solution also!


theotherryan said...

I like pajama pants and bathrobes for that purpose.

riverwalker said...

To: theotherryan

I'm on call 24/7 and sometimes I need to be ready to go pretty quick. If it's cold outside, I want to make sure to be able to stay warm when I leave the house. I do have a bathrobe but only for temporary type use after a shower.



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