Sunday, October 4, 2009

Home-Made First Aid Kit Additions - Finger Splints

Hand injuries are very common because a good pair of work gloves won't always protect you. These are sometimes simple injuries that can be treated quickly and allow you a fair amount of function and use of your hand(s) for simple tasks. While usually simple in nature and not totally incapacitating, they can increase the difficulty of completing many types of minor tasks.

A great many hand injuries usually involve the fingers. Things like a jammed finger or an injured joint can cause you a variety of problems when attempting to complete simple tasks. A great little item that you can add to your home-made first aid kit is a set of finger splints. They come in different sizes and also combo packs with different sizes included in each pack. These small splints will allow you to immobilize the injured finger and still retain a fair amount of use of your hand. It will also help to prevent further injury to the "damaged digit".

If you need to be a little fugal in your efforts, you can make an expedient finger splint by using a couple of wooden popsicle sticks and a little duct tape in an emergency situation until proper treatment can be obtained.

Staying above the water line!



Ken said...

...dang it,now i gotta have 'em...just once i would like to read my 'daily-daily' and NOT have to add to my 'list of needs'...jus'jokin

...keep up the good tips...

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

Sticks and duct tape work just fine but these little finger splints can be real "handy". LOL

Thanks Ken!


BTW, Sorry I didn't get around to answering your comment sooner but I got in a little late.

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