Sunday, March 22, 2009

Food and Water Storage Information

Here are some useful links to help you with your food and water storage program.

Food Storage Inventory Sheet

Food Storage in the Home

Management Plan for Home Food Storage

Protecting Perishable Food Items

Safe Home Food Storage

Safe Handling and Storage Guidelines for Oils and Fats

Food Storage Facts

Long Term Food Storage

Water Treatment and Storage

Water Purification

Food Storage - Use It or Lose It

12 Steps to Successful Canning

Canning Failures

Home Drying of Foods

Home Storage of Wheat

Storage of Dry Milk

Vegetable Freezing Methods

Fruit Freezing Methods

Getting Crisp Home Pickled Vegetables

Reduced Sugar Food Preservation

Tips on Tomatoes

Preventing Corrosion of Canned Goods

Efficient Cooking for One

Food Allergy Information

Common Symptoms Caused by Food Allergies

Common Foods That Cause Allergic Reactions

Surviving Food Allergies

Staying above the water line!



RV Survivalist said...

RW - put a ton of work into this one. Bookmark it folks...this is valuable!

riverwalker said...

To: RV Survivalist

Many decades of university research went into several of these topics.


Grumpyunk said...

That is a LOT of info there! RW, you do a good job with this place. Thanks, UNK

riverwalker said...


There is a ton of great info on the net. The main problem is finding it and remebering where it's at. Thanks.


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